The average salary in Ukraine decreased: if the Ukrainians are poorer and who is the lucky one

In Ukraine for the first time in a few months reduced the average salary. First fell work in the field of education and health. At the same time, significantly increased revenues in air transport and the financiers. The website “Today” figured out how Ukrainians earn and how income has changed over the past month.

How Ukrainians earn

The average salary in Ukraine for the previous month decreased by 0.3% to 7360 7339 UAH, and in comparison with July of last year grew by 36.6%. At the same time, real wages for the month fell by half a percentage point. As noted in the state statistics service, real wages takes into account the number of products and goods that you can afford over a certain amount with the increase of prices. For example, if the salary increased by 2%, while prices over the same period, by 4%, then nominal wages will grow by 2%, and the real on the contrary – will decrease by 2%.

Traditionally the lowest salaries in the Ternopil region. Are receiving an average of only 5 678 USD. And the “rich” Ukrainians live in the capital – here, the average salary amounted to at the end of last month 11 of 412 USD. Read more to find out how to earn the Ukrainians in different regions, by reading the infographic site Today.

“At the moment the statistics in our country should be treated with extreme skepticism, namely the average wage. In General, this ratio includes in the calculation only the official salaries of workers and nothing more. Based on this, indicators that he demonstrates a very distorted reflect the real market conditions”, – says senior analyst “Alpari” Vadim Iosub.

HR-expert Alexandr Bilous also said: to focus on the national average salary only evaluating the level of official salaries. The real incomes of Ukrainians may be significantly different. First, the part of the Ukrainians receive additional payments “in envelopes”, from which no taxes are paid and which does not “see” statistics. Second, employees who do not feature, in fact can get significantly less than the official average wage.

“Fiscal service periodically makes statements about how much employers pay wages “in envelopes”. And the numbers are very impressive. At least every third Ukrainian has informal income, including receives part of the salary in the “gray area”. I would say that you need to focus on the level of wages in a particular market. For example, in Kiev, the sellers can claim the salary of 8-10 thousand hryvnia. This figure is valid only for the capital, and only for sellers. In the river it can be 4-6 thousand hryvnia, and in some rural areas in General 2-3 thousand hryvnia”, – says Alexander Belous.

According to official data, the salary is close to minimum (nearly 3,200 USD) receive less than 10% of Ukrainians working. The number of Ukrainians who earn more than 10 000 UAH, increased by 4.4 percentage points.

The average salary above 10 000 just a few areas. In air transport earn 32 233 hryvnia, pharmacists earn an average of 104 14 of the hryvnia, IT-schnick – 11 822 hryvnia, financiers – 13 521 hryvnia, scientists 094 10 hryvnia, the developers of quarries 062 10 hryvnia.

Anyone have revenues fell, and who “made a fortune” for the last month

Salaries for last month, according to the state statistics service, decreased workers in the field of water transport – up to 8 8562 372 USD. With 6022 to 5964 of hryvnia decreased the average salaries of realtors. The biggest salaries in education. In June the average income in this area reached 7 152 hryvnia, and in July, when closed for the holiday, most universities and schools, average income has fallen to of 5,960 USD. Dropped wages and health – the average income fell from 5 to 5 297 207 USD.

At the same time among the “lucky ones” whose income has increased significantly, was the most wealthy according to statistics, the Ukrainians – workers of air transport. If in June the average wage was at 30 836 hryvnias in July, it was already 33 233 of the hryvnia. Also wages have grown financiers from 12 to 13 372 521 of the hryvnia.

Note, in the next year, according to the budget resolution, this figure could rise to 8629 hryvnia, in 2019 – 9540 hryvnia, and in 2020-m – 10 of 537 USD. Also expected the growth of minimum wages. So, the government plans next year to increase the minimum salary for 523 of the hryvnia, in 2019 the minimum wage will be at the level of 4,173 USD, and in 2020-m – 4425 UAH. We will remind, in the beginning of this year the minimum salary was raised twice – from 1600 to 3200 hryvnia. Following indexing of the minimum wage is expected next year.

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