Russia: explosions in St. Petersburg, stressed the importance of counter terrorism

Contrary to all expectations Russian officials say that the relationship between events in Syria and the explosions in St. Petersburg, there was no…


Russian officials are convinced that the tragic events in Saint-Petersburg in no way associated with the development of the situation in Syria. This is the opposite of the assumptions that have been made by many observers and commentators immediately after the tragic events. Is still missing and the radical group, which would assume responsibility for the terrorist attack, if it really was a terrorist attack. The explosions in the St. Petersburg metro continue to be an event shrouded in mystery.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov the next day after the incident on Tuesday April 4, said: “there is No relationship between yesterday’s explosion in Saint-Petersburg subway and the military operations that Moscow spends to help the Damascus regime in Syria does not exist.” “It would be too short-sighted and simplistic to interpret the incident as a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg as a revenge for the fact that Russia is in Syria,” said Lavrov. This position of the Russian authorities was met with observers, experts and commentators, at least with surprise. Because the representatives of the Syrian terrorist groups or their supporters abroad have responded to the information about bursts with joy or satisfaction. However, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia, speaking about the aims and possible motives of this attack, is still called an attempt to counter the efforts of Russia that it has taken in the fight against terrorism. He also again urged the world to unite and focus on fighting around a common enemy. He added: “This incident shows once again that it is important with such evil is to fight it together.”

April 3, approximately 15 hours Moscow time, when in many institutions the day is coming to an end and many people are already starting to go back to work at one of the stations of St. Petersburg subway explosion. The Ministry of health of Russia one day later announced the final death toll to 14 people.

Immediately after the explosion, there appeared information that the Russian President seemed to want to travel to Saint-Petersburg subway, but in the subsequent official statement of the Kremlin, this information was refuted. The President expressed condolences to the families and friends of the victims, and immediately after the explosion, held an urgent meeting with the city representatives of state security, and then arrived on the scene on Monday evening in order to pay tribute to the victims in the explosion, laid a bouquet of flowers to the improvised memorial at the scene. In addition to the President and other accompanying officials on the scene was also attended by the residents of the city. They expressed support for all the victims of the terrorist attack and lit candles. However, a source from security service in an interview to “Interfax” declared that established the identity of the suspected perpetrator of the terrorist act — it was the 23-year-old native of one of the countries of Central Asia, whose portrait is drawn on the basis of recording surveillance cameras.

According to the same source, the alleged perpetrator of the attack has set another explosive device at the station “Ploschad Vosstaniya”, disguising it under the fire extinguisher. It didn’t work: security services metro was able to locate him and immediately neutralized. According to this message, after the terrorist placed a bomb on the area of the rebellion, he boarded a train and detonated a second explosive device in the stretch between stations. Noteworthy is the fact that in connection with the incident in St. Petersburg on the evening of Tuesday 4 April, none of the terrorist or radical groups have claimed responsibility for organizing the terrorist attack.

Donald trump also spoke with Putin

The official representative of the Kremlin also reported on a telephone conversation between U.S. President Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin, which took place soon after the blasts in the St. Petersburg metro explosion. As reported the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, Donald trump expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and wished for his words of support would be “brought to the Russian people.” A Kremlin spokesman also added that the two leaders in a phone interview again stressed that terrorism is an evil that must be confronted in a coherent and cohesive.