A restart of the Cabinet, “swing” with autogas and scandalous crash: the end of the week in Ukraine

The last week of the summer, Ukraine has been waiting for a new politiezone. Not that we all so much wanted the resumption of activity of politicians, but their activities affect the lives of everyone. The events of recent weeks can be summarized in two theses: the government was preparing reforms, but the opposition — a struggle with the authorities.

MIHO. The latter, of course, is always more interesting to take at least a public relations campaign, “the Return of Miho”. On it, and tries raspiarili not just “hero-exile” and almost all political forces. Some are gleefully rubbing their hands, stocking up on popcorn and prepare to watch and comment on breakthrough Saakashvili across the border, others are trying to inflame passions and threaten with execution returning.

FRAMES. Much more important events are announced in the Verkhovna Rada. The President’s representative in Parliament Iryna Lutsenko, in particular, reported that the authorities here will present the new composition of the government. And the new Chairman of the national Bank promised not later than the end of September, most likely during the month will be filled and Ministerial jobs.

However, it is unclear how will be solved the question with the coalition. Most government Oh as it is necessary — after the fall ahead of a vote on the second reading of the pension reform, education and health. Without rebooting coalition, a global program is unlikely to hold.

GAS. In addition to strategic issues, the government this week had to address the current crises. In particular, the issue of price hike of compressed natural gas for cars prices jumped so that it was impossible.

First Prime Minister and then the President gave instructions to find out why the cost of petrol jumped from UAH 10 to 15. There were opinions that the problem is the collusion of monopolists and even in political sabotage against the country. But some politicians, headed by people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko accused the SBU, they say, that paralyzed the work of several importers of liquefied natural gas.

Anyway, the discussion showed that the political elite no one is interested (at least publicly) to save the crisis in the automotive gas, the resulting price of gas has gone down.

Media. SBU this week turned out to be the center of attention also in connection with two scandals connected with freedom of speech. Last Friday from Ukraine expelled two Spanish journalists, who in 2014 was covering the conflict in the Donbass, describing it from two sides. And this week were deported by the journalist of the Russian “First channel” Anna Kurbatova, which were in the list of the site “Peacemaker” for biased reporting on the Day of Independence in Ukraine.

OSCE in hot pursuit urged the Ukrainian authorities to refrain from violent actions against journalists, and yesterday the European Commission described the actions of the SBU as a threat to freedom of speech.

WITH A LOUD CRASH. Last week was filled with political scandals with politicians. First there was the tragedy in Lviv region, where the car of the owner of the football club “Karpaty” and TV ZIK Peter Damanskogo hit and killed a girl. Then the son of people’s Deputy Nestor Shufrych was shot down (thankfully not to death) in Kiev, the pedestrian on “Zebra”. The story was different.

In the case of the Lviv tragedy, according to the interior Ministry, was an attempt to present the situation as if the wheel was the driver of the host “of the Carpathians”, while he himself went abroad. In Kiev the situation — the son of the Deputy immediately began to cooperate with the investigation. It was important in both situations, one: the police are not trying to shield people with money, as it sometimes happened in the past.