In Ukraine we expect a significant change in the weather: weather forecasts for a week

Ukrainians in the next few days is expected rainy weather in the West, centre and East of the country. While in the East the day temperature will rise up to 20 degrees Celsius. After a few days of storm, cyclone concentrate on the West of the country. The website “Today” found out what weather to expect Ukrainians in the next few days.

The weather forecast for a week

The second of September, thunderstorms are expected in the Transcarpathian, Chernivtsi, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Zaporizhzhya regions. Precipitation will also be held in the center, on the East, Kherson, Sumy and Chernihiv regions. The rest of the – partly cloudy. Relatively hot weather, forecasters predict that this day will be in the Odessa region, here the temperature rises to 29-30 degrees Celsius. In the centre from 21 to 24 degrees Celsius in the East – 20-22 degrees, on the West and North, and from 21 to 23 degrees above zero.

The third September storm cyclone will cover the Western Ukraine. Forecasters predict the cold snap – from 16 to 18 degrees above zero during the day. The rest of the – partly cloudy.

In the South the temperature will rise to 28-30 degrees, in the West – 23-25 degrees, in the center and in the capital – 25-27 degrees. At the same time in the Northern regions of the country is expected warming up to 26 degrees in the afternoon.

The fourth of September, heavy rains will go in the West, Cherkasy, Odesa regions and in Kyiv. The rest of the weather forecasters predict partly cloudy. Here in the West, is to get cold, here the temperature will fluctuate in the range of 17-19 degrees. In the South, the day temperature will rise to 29 degrees. In the center of Ukraine the temperature will range from 27 to 29 degrees in the East – up to 27 degrees in the afternoon, and on the North to 28 degrees.

The fifth of September, the rains will be in the West, the North, in the capital and in the Cherkasy region. At the same time in the rest of the country – partly cloudy. Relatively warm weather in the East, where the temperature rises to 30 degrees Celsius. In the South and in the centre the temperature will range from 24 to 26 degrees. In Kyiv from 20 to 22 degrees in the North to 22-24 degrees, and in the West – from 17 to 19 degrees Celsius.

National weather forecast

The second of September, the day of the prophet Samuel, according to the portal “Weatherman”. Begin to gather in flocks of migrating rooks. Appear Enoki mushrooms. In the garden it’s time to pull beets and carrots – vegetable garden to take a bow. Our ancestors noticed if this day is the thunder, the autumn will be long.

On the third of September is revered the memory of the Apostle Thaddeus. In the old days the owners of such a name was considered a happy people: “Who is Thaddeus – that their own happiness”. Our ancestors noticed: if on this day the weather is clear – there will be four more weeks of this. In this day you can plant bulbs of daffodils.

Fourth, venerated the memory of Saint agathonikos. The people of the day had the name of Agathon of Igumenica. He was connected with the belief in devils, believed that the devil “laughs” with sheaves. In the old days notice if the clouds are rare, the next morning is clear and cold.

The fifth of September, the day of the Holy Luppa. That day’s weather in the old days was predicted for the cranes if they are on the South pulled, the winter will come early; if the cranes fly low – winter will be warm; fly high – cool; if you fly low, fast, silent – you can wait for the imminent inclement weather.

On the sixth of September is revered the memory of St. Eutyches. From earlier times until we reached this observation that usually this quiet day, bezverny. If it does rain – it will dry autumn; the snow is good ground shielding, and in the spring time