I never understood Lolita

In early April, Lolita Milyavskaya posted on social media a photo of where you stood arm in arm with Natasha Queen, Love of the assumption and Taisiya Povaliy. The caption under the photo was that it looks like “the Ukrainian community in the Kremlin.” And at the end of April, the Ukrainian border guards unseat her from the train for a concert in the Crimea.

And all the rhetorical outrage Lolita is built on the fact that you cannot deprive a person of his homeland. But that is a feature that lolita was not forbidden entry home. Just her homeland ceased to exist.

Because the birthplace of Lolita is not Ukraine. Her homeland — little Russia. The birthplace of Lolita Milavskaya is dumplings and soup. “The Ukrainian” and wide trousers. But she did not understand that this was her homeland finally died three years ago.

Killed her new home of Lolita. The one where she made a career and became a star. She got fame, money and biography. And the special irony is that the murder happened unintentionally: Moscow wanted to keep little Russia, and as a result sent her into oblivion. The Crimea, which closed lo road in Kiev, three years ago made from little Russia — Ukraine.

Her train will reach to the destination. Because in the past the trains are not running.