In Thailand died after swallowing 915 coin sea turtle

A sea turtle named Pig-piggy swallowing 915 coins, died in a veterinary hospital, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok from 200-fold excess of Nickel in the blood.

In Bangkok, the 26-year-old turtle was taken from a zoo in Chonburi province. The reptile brought sailors, who spoke about her deteriorating recent condition. The doctors made the turtle a surgery and removed from the stomach and intestines 915 swallowed coins of different countries of the world. But it didn’t help. The turtle died due to the oversupply of Nickel in the blood.

It is known that the deceased reptile belonged to species of sea turtles, which are endangered.

Zoo-Pig-piggy lived in a special pond with sea water. In her pond visitors constantly throwing coins for luck, which later became the cause of death of the animal.