Russia is one of the cheapest countries for vacation

The choice of location for recreation at the rate of exchange seems a bit strange, as a matter of fact does not lead to significant savings on the trip. But the growth rate of the Euro relative to the currency of the country where the trip is already planned, increasing its appeal and allows you to cut costs.

According to the results of research conducted by the search engine for cheap tickets the first in the list of countries where a traveler from Spain that can detect an appreciation of the Euro, is Colombia. In this South American country resident in the Eurozone may be advantageous to exchange currency at the local. For one Euro it will receive about 3500 Colombian pesos, that is, 22% more than in the summer of 2015.

The change of the Euro against the Japanese yen in the past year include Japan in the list of countries where Euro is now possible to exchange more profitable than last summer. During this period, the Euro rose by 8% to 128 yen.

On the European continent you can go to Russia where the national currency weakened to 67 rubles per Euro, which three years ago cost about 50 rubles. The greatest changes in the exchange rate observed in Turkey. According in this country, the Euro rose to four Turkish Lira compared to three liras last year.

The weakening of the national currency does not necessarily imply more favorable conditions for travelers. Such, for example, the case of pound, who, though depreciated to the level of 1985 after the referendum on the British exit from the EU, held just over a year ago, has not brought any benefits to the holders of the Euro. The currency was strong and continues to hold the position. Currently, one Euro can be exchanged for 0.8 pounds.

The most unfavorable country for travel in 2017 is South Africa. If the European traveler will go to Johannesburg this summer, he will get less of a gain compared to last year. The Euro exchange rate against the South African currency is the Rand’s 14 now, and in the summer of 2016 for one Euro you get 15 Rand.

Currency exchange

Currency can be exchanged in special exchange offices, which are located at the airport, in the city center But, according to the search engine of air tickets, it is most advantageous to buy foreign currency via the Internet, as in this case, the Commission is minimal. “Here are the best quotes and, accordingly, it is possible to make a better buy,” is concluded.