What will happen to the rental market in Ukraine: forecast for the fall

The rental market is going through difficult times. After the beginning of the year, landlords have raised the cost by 5-20%, depending on the condition of housing, and some moved all the expenses for the communal services on the shoulders of the tenants, came a bit of a stupor. On the one hand, landlords with pleasure would raise the price even a little, because life is expensive, but tenants are picky and uncompromising.

“Today” has learned from the experts what is happening in the rental market and what to expect in the fall.


Experts call the situation on the rental market is twofold. Because of previous price increases either for the rent or for the “communal” landlords are afraid to raise prices, despite the approaching business season.

“Even with an eye on the recent price hike of the content of the local area, some landlords have decided not to change the price on the rent. Part, of course, is trying to negotiate with tenants through direct contact. But first they’re probing, can fully shift the “communal” to rent an apartment or trying to at least perepolovinit costs with the tenant. The success of this arrangement from the demand for this particular housing.

The fact that in the beginning of the year the rental market has been sluggish, and, for example, in Kiev was closed only 400-500 transactions per month. After the price increase, and tapped, while there was more or less stable situation in the country, there has been an increasing demand reached 1 thousand transactions. But some landlords still had to bear the costs. The reason is mainly competition of the market offers quite the choice customers have, and they are sufficient easily willing to move for the slightest inconvenience. For one client in Kiev about 40 proposals”, — says the analyst consulting company SV Development Sergey Kostecki.

According to him, the end of the year is expected to reduce the number of transactions to 600-700 in Kiev. A similar situation in other major cities.


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CHERISH THE REPAIR. On the background that raise the price landlords can’t, some of them may soon remove the offer and to hold the delivery of the apartment/house: “If in good repair, and to set the price a little above market, the owner may not — sometimes it is better to wait and keep an apartment empty than to risk to do the repairs after the tenants who can quickly move to a cheaper deal. So perhaps the number of proposals, mostly apartments with good repair and “stuffed” with all sorts of conveniences (appliances, etc.) in the near future by a few percent will decrease”, — says Sergey Kostecki.


There is another trend noted by realtors, and consultants — tenants are becoming more spoiled, and tightening requirements for housing. “They are not ready to remove “inferior”, empty or with a minimum of comfort housing. The average market price is 4-7 thousand grn for one-bedroom apartments tenants want the apartment/house had everything for a comfortable stay” — say the experts of the market of real estate capital.

This is confirmed by the realtor: “the summer of the apartment without furniture or with minimal amenities stagnate an unusually long time”, — said the Director of the Kiev real estate Agency Juliana Dougan.

Amid this trend, the owners are trying to pack the apartment as best as possible. This is evidenced by the lengthy descriptions provided in the ads. “Write and Hairdryers, irons, and microwave ovens. In conversation with the hosts not once sounded, trying to buy used equipment on sites ads say it’s better to spend money on 300 UAH and buy a mediocre hair dryer or the vacuum cleaner used, but feel free to put the price of UAH 100 higher per month. And the housing is already going to look more impressive than a “neighbor” with the same flat, but with less “filling,” explained the realtor from the Dnieper Victoria Samofalova.

TENANTS. Also changed my ads-infographic on finding housing. “I added a mandatory condition of a router and a toaster oven, and not just the Internet and oven. Fork prices have not changed: as searched for 5500-6000K/single and looking. Already have responses. Choose” — said from Kiev Irina Kharitonenko, who decided to live separately from parents.


The main trend, which is called the realtors for the near future, is the demand for 3-5 bedroom apartments. According to them, such proposals would be popular among students. “For the school year, many have already found housing, but usually in September the second wave of the search. Someone for a few days stay understands that the existing conditions do not suit them, someone believes that to find together a good offer cheaper. Latest for students — important argument. Already more requests for two bedroom apartments from three to five students. Quickly filled the vacant room in three bedroom apartments. Students in these cases themselves, looking for a roommate/roommate and put the new tenant their claims for routine, habits, etc.,” explains broker Kharkiv Agency “Veles” Daria Prasolova.

THE OWNERS ARE NOT HAPPY. Go to such lease mainly those owners of property where the repair is “average”. “The difference is, living in the apartment has a large family or many young people, significant. Therefore, sometimes landlords are learning about who is interested in the proposal, may amend the terms of the lease to increase the cost, increase the Deposit for the property, or to dictate the terms: live only girls or only guys without the right to lead the company. The surrender of the vacated rooms in the “condos” the owners are also trying to control themselves”, — concluded the Dnieper realtor Galina Kalyuzhnaya.

Together. Students looking for roommates with similar mode of the day