How to treat post-traumatic stress disorder: psychologists have found a unusual way

Tetris can save from PTSD, if you play it for six hours after a traumatic event.

Figured it out by psychologists and has published research in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

It is noted that one of the characteristic symptoms of PTSD is recurring Intrusive memories that are associated with the traumatic event. As a rule, after the appearance of this symptom people have a psychological support, but attempts to prevent PTSD has not yet been.

Psychologists have suggested that if the victims of something people will focus on simple and addictive game, it will not allow traumatic memories to gain a foothold in the memory.

Their theory, researchers tested 71 the victim of an accident, half of whom are invited to play Tetris, and the rest was used as a control group.

A week later, the group played in Tetris are less likely to suffer from traumatic memories. Episodes of Intrusive memories were faster than the control group.