The fight against excess weight can lead to alcoholism – the scientists

One in five patients who underwent a popular surgical procedure for weight loss in the future is faced with the problems associated with alcohol, found researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, writes, “Orthodox”.

According to the findings, patients who have undergone gastric bypass, where the stomach size is reduced, have 2 times higher risk of alcohol abuse compared to those who underwent the gastric banding which consists of changing the diameter of the gastric ring.

The researchers studied more than 2,000 patients who underwent surgery for weight loss. 1481 party held a gastric bypass, while the remaining 522 patients have undergone gastric banding. It is noted that in both groups of patients experienced an increase in alcohol consumption over the seven-year period. The results showed that after gastric bypass surgery from 20.8% of patients develop symptoms of alcohol abuse, compared with 11.3% of people who have had a gastric band.

Although experts can’t definitely say why this may happen, previous studies indicate that gastric bypass surgery leads to a significant increase in the content of alcohol in the blood than other surgical weight loss methods, with the result that people can experience cravings for alcohol.