Frost and heat: the weather in the fall

The summer is over and the weather has already reacted on the calendar. In Ukraine came the autumn coolness and rain. “Today,” found out what the weather will delight the autumn and when Ukrainians will need warm clothes and umbrellas.

OFFICIALLY. Reuters promises in September average daily temperatures of 14-20 degrees Celsius, and in mountainous areas of the country — 12-13 above zero. As for precipitation, forecasters calm — doggity to be within the norms inherent in the first month of autumn, in September will drop about 35-70 mm.

-THE PEOPLE’S. “September this year will cool,” agrees with the official forecast, the national weather forecaster Leonid Gorban. According to him, in the first week of the month the average daily temperature in Ukraine will amount to 18-19 degrees Celsius, and in the afternoon air will get warm to +22. But on 7 September colder — the average temperature drops four degrees up to +15, and in the afternoon thermometers will fall to 18 degrees. So there will be three days until September 9, after which the cold will only increase up to 8-9 degrees at night and 12-14 a day. Only in mid-September for a few days to come the Indian summer — Sunny weather and in the afternoon thermometers will show from 19 to 21 degrees Celsius. But on September 17 the “heat” will end, and the end of the month the temperature will go down up to 17-18 heat. As for precipitation, the national forecast is for relatively dry early fall. “Doedit in the country will be from 8 to 13 September and at the end of the month — 26-29 numbers,” predicts Leonid Gorban.

ONLINE. With people’s solidarity and weather forecast sites — heat in September will not, and mean monthly temperatures in all areas will not rise above 22 degrees. In the West the average daily temperature will be +20, and night +12. Slightly warmer will be in the Central regions of the country — an average of +19 day +12 night. In the Northern and Eastern areas the air will warm up to +18 and day +11 at night. And warmer things will be traditionally in the South the average is around 22 degrees during the day and at night will be +15. However, according to online predictions, the beginning of September will be dry, and after the 15th will begin the long rains in all areas, which will last from three to ten days.

THE MIDDLE OF AUTUMN. According to the calculations of national forecaster, October is colder than September. As told “Today” Gorban, the first two October weeks almost every day to rain. At this time, the thermometers show the average daily temperature of 12-14 degrees Celsius and afternoon 15-17. The sixth of October, the colder is the average temperature drops to around +9 and day +12 degrees. In the middle of the month, Ukrainians will have to get some warm clothes — according to Gorban, 15 Oct expected first frost. Given that the average temperature for the day drops to +5, at night the temperature may fall below zero. However, it will be cold for a couple of days already to the 20th of October the air will warm up to 14-15 degrees Celsius. This weather will last until the end of the month, and in the last days of October hit night frosts up to three degrees below zero. At the same time, rains, which, according to national forecaster, you can go in the wet snow.

CLOSER TO WINTER. But November in Ukraine will be relatively warm. “According to my calculations, in November the temperature is more often above zero than frosty,” says national weather forecaster. However, he predicted that periods of frost in the last month of autumn will still be — most likely in late November. In addition, in the first of the month will go heavy rains in almost all regions of the country. But by December in Ukraine will be dry.