The situation on the Bank metals market in Ukraine to offer

A week ago the market of precious metals stirred the rise in price of gold: its price “took” high and has increased from last November by nearly 1%, to $1304,3 per Troy ounce. As rose silver for immediate delivery — to $17,19 per ounce.

“Today” has learned and how the lives of Ukrainian market of Bank metals, how are the owners of gold bullion and what to expect from the Ukrainians who view the metal as an investment/earnings in the near future.

In the experts ‘ forecasts: the price of precious metals will continue to grow as the public interest in the yellow metal (despite the fact that fingramotnosti of the population in this matter leaves much to be desired). And thanks to the national Bank, which removed some are not beneficial to market participants restrictions that will start the revival of the market of precious metals.


Experts of the market of precious metals mark perked up in recent months, the interest of Ukrainians in the purchase of gold. According to bankers, the most popular bars weighing 20, 50 and 100 g

“Buy them not only as investments (physical persons) and for work (legal entity), but also as gifts. There is a demand for bars weighing 1, 2 and 5 g, but it is less because such a purchase is more expensive due to more costly production. For comparison, the ingot weighing 1 g is 1275 UAH, and 100-gromovi — 1055 UAH/per gram. I have a working system, 100 offices, 30 kg of gold. In the structure of sales 25% buy, legal entities, 75% — natural persons. It is a good indicators which, for example, a year ago we could not dream,” says the Director of the Department of the banknote printing banking JSB “Express-Bank” Andrey Lvov.

Experts attribute the growth in demand with the recent actions of the national Bank. “If previously, the NBU restricted the market from all sides, today went relief: liberalized calculations on the interbank market (allowed to buy gold for currency), lifted restrictions on the purchase with the results from the account. Besides, today has gold good quality (delivery from Germany and Switzerland),” — explains Andrey Lvov.

Leaders in demand for precious metals is Kiev and cities: it is inhabited by people with higher incomes, who can raise a large sum for the purchase of bullion and to forget for a while about this attachment.


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OTHER METALS. On the second place among Bank metals — silver. This is the metal that is needed by industry, so the demand is there, and it can be called stable and smooth.

“1 g of silver is approximately 15.5 UAH. The way the ingot — 1 kg (about 15 thousand). Buy more legal entities (jewelers and industry). There is such a picture: on the one hand, silver is easier to get at with a crowbar, and on the other there is some shortage of silver of 999 tests. The fact that the silver is delivered from 100 kg, and since the metal itself is cheap, bankers, don’t always profitable.

“The price of the aircraft for me is the same 3 thousand euros, I carry 100 kg of gold or 100 kg of silver. The gold will cost millions, and silver. Therefore, silver is more profitable to carry huge quantities, and this is the exchange rate risks. Plus restrictions on the purchase,” — said Andrey Lvov.

But the market of platinum and palladium “died”: no interest, no market.


Experts say that gold has a cycle: June-August vacation season, and at this time, the price of the yellow metal usually sags. With the arrival of autumn it is growing due to increased demand (in India, where it is customary to give gifts, the wedding season).

Naneskolko may become more expensive metal, no one predicted not taken. The bankers do not hide if the ingot has become more accessible, it could get jewelers to banks and to flood the market with more quality products.

“To date, legal entity, whose activity is connected with gold, partially or completely cover its demand by purchases on the black market (scrap from pawnshops, etc.). For the quality of the metal, none. If the gold in the banks was available, they would buy there” — said the expert of the bullion market Oleg Moiseenko.

Agree with his opinion and other professionals: “If the national Bank has weaker restrictions on the purchase of gold (100g a week) for legal entities, this would facilitate the development of the market of precious metals, and would keep the quality of gold products. In practice I even met ingot of gold, in which the lead,” says Andrew lions.


The Ukrainians still have three options for how to dispose of the existing metal ingot: hide under the pillow, put on Deposit or to give for safekeeping in safe-Deposit box. To keep the “gold reserve” the house is unsafe, it is safer to choose from the two options. But in any case have to spend: examination of the ingot costs about 25-50 UAH opening of current metal accounts — from 50 UAH, and so on. “But the ingot is saving, which will not go away and does not “melt” because of inflation,” — emphasizes the expert on work with Bank metals Irina Pavlenko.

“Interest rates on deposits of metal can be called symbolic: they are close to zero to a couple of percent. That is, today we can talk only about the safety of the ingot,” — said in “Express-Bank”. The experts warn that the Deposit/account in gold cannot always be replenished. Well, if the owner of the bar has decided to prematurely withdraw and the price of gold did not manage to grow, it is with high probability can result in human losses instead of profits.

Precious metals. When buying you should weigh all the risks