Four NATO countries would prefer a United States of Russia

Recently conducted by Gallup (Gallup) study of public opinion in several countries has shown that the population of the four States in the North-Atlantic bloc, as well as the people of Iran and China would prefer, in case of military threat, hope for Russia, not the United States.

According to the FARS news Agency, recently published by Gallup, the results of the survey conducted during the period from October to December 2016, indicate that the population of four NATO countries, as well as China and Iran, I expect that Russia, not America, will support them in strengthening the defence, if there is any danger of external aggression.

Bloomberg writes that conducted by Gallup, the monitoring was attended by about 1,000 people in 22 countries around the world. Respondents had to answer the question on the help and support of the state they will expect or to conclude a military Alliance with any country they will bend in case of a military threat to their countries.

The data obtained showed that, the majority still believes the strongest military power in the world USA and ready to prefer as a military ally it to the country. However, respondents in countries such as Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Slovenia (and all of them are also in NATO), stated that in the event of a military threat, they would prefer the defense of their countries would help Russia.

The population of other countries not belonging to the North Atlantic Alliance, where it was performed this study, such as Iran, China, and Serbia, too, would prefer military aid or support of Russia, not the United States. Russian themselves ready for war in the Soviet Union, primarily to China, while the Americans will hope for a Union with great Britain. Characteristically, the preferences of the population of such countries as Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ukraine, all taking place in political, ethnic and religious contradictions, were distributed about equally between Russia and the United States.

According to Bloomberg, the views of respondents in Sweden sold: 29 % of Swedes think that defence requires close cooperation with UK and 30% of respondents were in favor of the United States.

Fellow of the Institute of Gallup, Konenko Stoichkov on the matter in an interview with Bloomberg said: “in Itself it is not surprising that, according to the results of the study, the Russians and the Chinese give preference to each other. But what is really surprising and shows us the important issue is what U.S. policy over the past 20 years was the cause of intense strengthening by China of its armed forces, and with the help of Russia, which is still more European country than Asian.”