“This is theft”: Groysman explained why Russia will not be able to sell raw materials from the bowels of Donbass and Crimea

The Russian Federation will not be able to export raw materials mined in the occupied territories of Donbass and Crimea. This was stated by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

“Trade Ukrainian subsoil with some other countries simply prohibited, it is theft, for which they will bear criminal responsibility … All the things that there may be stolen, in any case in one country cannot be implemented,” – said Groisman.

The head of the government noted that the origin of any product should be supported by documents from the manufacturer, however, no legal proceedings in the Russian-occupied territory of Donbas or Crimea can’t be.

Earlier, Groisman said that the energy and economic blockade of the Donbas occurred not in the interests of Ukraine , and threatened rapid economic growth.