Scientists have learned to treat a common disease using sage

Scientists have isolated from the red sage, common in Chinese traditional medicine plants, a compound which can be used to cure osteoporosis. The results of the experiment they described in the journal of Bone and Mineral Research, reports

The enzyme cathepsin K plays an important role in the breakdown of collagen in bone tissue in osteoporosis. With the help of compounds isolated from red sage, the scientists were able selectively to block its work. They tested the new method on samples of bone tissue of humans and mice and live mice. It was found that the density of the bones in the sick mice recovered by 35% compared to the control group.


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Scientists hope that with the help of its opening will be able to treat other bone diseases, such as arthritis or certain types of cancer. The advantage of the drug on the basis of sage is that it allows you to block only associated with the destruction of collagen, the activity of cathepsin, without affecting its other functions.