What created the girls?

Great response received the poem jiří of Gacaca in the anthology for elementary school students. Activists and progressive artists are sounding the alarm. The Ministry of education (and with it, perhaps, and the Ministry of interior) acknowledged that the text has a gender connotation. Today I will make it out mathematically, although we are talking about the Czech language.

The first definition, that is, the content of the poem “what created the girls?”

To become the mothers,
So cute smile
Someone who small.

To have someone Pat us
And tell us a story.
For this and there are mothers,
Our world was perfect.

Of course, you also saddened by the arrogance and the degree of male chauvinism, sexism, and machismo in the poem. And it needs to read our children — even girls!

The Ministry recognized that the poem is not neutral and has no gender connotation. Attention to the text attracted the Director of Vit Klusak (along with other figures), of whose works I learned just how few years ago was a joke on the old old people who believed high-profile advertising campaign about the opening of a large shopping Mall and incredible discounts. And these poor somewhere in the field outside the city was crowded while it was being filmed. No shopping centre was not. Ha ha ha.

I can’t remember whether it was paid from money received from television fees taxpayers (I guess that’s the way it was), but I have not forgotten that when it all didn’t strike me as “neutral” from the point of view of normal respect for the elderly.

But back to the poem. Wrong poems in the anthology should not be. From the standpoint of mathematical logic the opposite of wrong is correct. Then we’ll deny everything, and you get a poem that will please both the Ministry and concerned the question of gender groups.

What created the girls?

In order not to become mothers
To frown,
Looking at those little.

To us, no one patted
And told us a story.
To do this, and no,mom,
Our world was perfect.

I’m not kidding. Political correctness, the new ideology, neo-Marxism — is not a play on words.

So we not only you cannot call a Negro a Negro, but soon, for example, and the corpse will have to be called “person with changed metabolism”. But everything else was fine.

After all, evil, like everything good in the world comes from ideas. Long before Lenin and Stalin and Hitler killed tens of millions of people, philosophers have written books. For example, one called “Capital” and the other “Germanic cult and its heritage,” or something like that. Hundreds of thousands of teachers, journalists, philanthropists, artists, organized, or disorganized, spread these ideas. The beginning is always the word.

Similarly, now tell us about the groups allocated on the basis of race or sex, which control and oppress other groups. Tell us about it in the faculties, bringing ideas to life. They hate the traditional family, motherhood make fun of. They think of their opponents not misguided people with whom to argue, and sexist…or foby, which need to stigmatize, silence, condemn and despise.

In fact, it is a totalitarian ideology. The dictatorship of good.

Initially, the Marxists believed that with the proper education a person can get rid of the self, and all people will be equally hard work for the common good as their own.

The goal of modern Marxists and multiculturalists lie not in economic but in social and cultural sphere. So, people have to abandon their deep-seated feelings and to give preference to “unknown” before well known. The natural desire to preserve the genus should be suppressed.

Original Marxism has failed. He failed to change human nature. And now these guys (and girls) again trying to achieve this. And while they all work, at least in the Ministry of education of the Czech Republic.

Let’s protect the normal world!