Named vegetables, which are harmful to health

Often, when we want to “clean” the body, we eat more vegetables. But not all of them are useful, write “news s”.

  • Corn

In the summer, you will likely see a lot of corn on the cob at every barbecue, in which you are participating. But corn is not only a seasonal product. We eat corn in the form of popcorn, processed syrup, salsa and cereal. Because of this, corn is often riddled with a bunch of GMOs.

  • Potatoes

Did you know that potatoes are probably the most dangerous and harmful of all vegetables. Although it is an absolute necessity (in any form) to any occasion, starchy vegetable is not quite revered when it comes to healthy food choices. The only deterrent is 36 grams of carbs, which are placed one potato. So, eat these starchy vegetables in moderation.

  • Jicama

Pet farmer’s markets, jicama is quite interesting, but quite unloved root vegetable. But in the overall scheme of things it is the vegetable that occupies a high place in the ranking of carbohydrate: 1 Cup slices contains 10.6 grams of carbohydrates. Its tempting crunch, and juicy texture similar to a delicious Apple. It’s delicious, but it is also worth noting that this is not the best vegetable, if you want to eat more.


  • Preservation of fruit and vegetables: tips and recommendations

In General, any vegetables containing large amounts of starch, will not be very good if you want to lose weight. But, as the vegetables are still natural product that, when consumed in its raw form, the particular harm they will cause. Another thing, different dishes of vegetables — for example, grilled or covered with greasy sauce vegetables will not be considered a health food.

A possible explanation is that the “best vegetables” contain more fiber than others, longer keeping you full and preventing overeating. On the other hand, starchy foods can cause spikes in blood sugar that make us feel hunger much earlier. Try just a limited number.


  • What fruits and vegetables help to lose weight quickly

In General, in one experiment it was found that people include in your diet plenty of vegetables, lost more weight. The participants actually lost an additional half pound for each additional portion of vegetables.

Was previously named a few ways that will help to eat more vegetables and fruits.