Scientists have uncovered a way to make sex enjoyable for both partners

A group of American scientists conducted a study and identified the most effective ways to enjoy sex. The results of the work published in the scientific journal PLOS One, reports the Huffington Post.

In the framework of “Sexual exploration in America” took part more than two thousand men and women. They were requested to specify their sexual preferences. Scientists have prompted to study the popular book “Fifty shades of grey” and the ensuing increase in the revenue of the sex shops. As a result, experts have refuted some common stereotypes.


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“Contrary to stereotypes, the various romantic actions are the most attractive for both women and men — said the study’s lead author Debbie Herbenick (Debby Herbenick). Thus, during sex, should pay attention to the kisses, hugs, romantic phrases, as well as creating the appropriate atmosphere in the room.”


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Last year, statistician David Spiegelhalter (David Spiegelhalter) from Cambridge University, warned about the negative impact of television and web series on the sexual life of couples. According to him, in 1990, the pair had sex on average five times a month, but now only three times, indicating that the decrease in sexual activity by 40 percent in just 20 years. If the trend continues, he says, by 2030, the sex will disappear from lives of the British.

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