“4 thousand retweets and I will not make abortion”: the network is outraged by the indifference of the young mother

A young American upset the users of the network, arguing that resort to induced abortion if her tweet will not receive sufficient distributions, according to “Metro”.

4 months pregnant. 4k RTs & I won’t abort it. pic.twitter.com/z9lzWPuHIn

— (@saipanting) 23 Aug 2017

She wrote: “the 4th month of pregnancy. 4 thousands of retweets, and I wouldn’t do abortion.”

Despite the fact that the users have accepted the entry, she received 10,000 shares. The man under the nickname “King Nathan VI” commented: “this Is to inform that this is my child, you decided to write on Twitter this junk?”.


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This girl did not react very positively: “that’s Why I asked you about the money, but you blocked me, so shove it. Block me on Twitter”.

Network girls are accused of indifference: “What kind of mother? In a psychiatric hospital she should be locked up”, “not ashamed”, “Mad”.