How to visually enlarge the bathroom space

Small bathroom — the legacy not only of Khrushchev and gostinok, but also small apartments in new buildings. This room in our country to save. And often, even if the layout of the toilet room is big enough, its “piece” many are trying to nip off in favor of the kitchen or the bedroom. Someone wants to win the half a square meter, combining a toilet with bathroom, and the owners of adjoining resorting to all sorts of tricks to at least visually enlarge a small “wash” room. However, not everyone succeeds, because for the best results, you need to know the basic rules for “extensions”, wisely using which you can even “double up” a bathroom — if not physically, then visually. About how to do it professionally, we were told the interior designer Nathan Kutz and architect-designer Oksana pokanevych.


Lighter than the walls, the more it seems bathroom. Discard the dominance of saturated green, brown, yellow colors in a small bathroom: they only dosed accents. Choose a light tone for the finish paint or tile. Large-format tiles visually increase room, and small format (10×10, 15×15) — will decrease.

To “lift” the bathroom space in height, lay the tiles vertically and stacked horizontally “will move apart” walls wide. Refrain from small decor on the walls: fish and sea stars look good on the stands in the huge shopping centers, but in a small bathroom, they “eat” space. Fashion once the separation walls different colors in the bathroom will reduce, cut space. From glossy surfaces light reflects, filling the room with a space: for example, glossy tile, matte is preferable. Do not experiment with colors and ceiling finish: white paint decorative ceiling panels. If you want contrast, decorated with dark floor tiles.


The toilet, which “hovers” above the floor is the most common method of increasing the WC in Europe. Suspended sanitary ware — toilets and sinks on the floating tables, which do not touch the floor, will visually expand a room by 20%. After all, floor space, and hence the entire space visually increases. However, the system is flush-mounted will require additional space in the wall, but usually behind the toilet in our apartments are communications that are covered by drywall. It is optimal to abandon the classic baths in favor of showers, it will save up to 3 sq. m. Fans to splash can choose a cabin with deep tray: it is often used as a basin. A place for the soul to optimally isolate the transparent glass partition: bathroom space will not be a for more on the cell and visually remains whole and free. Glass visually “facilitate” room.

The shutter glass for the shower.

Wall-hung toilet.


30% of the bathroom space depends on the lighting: one dim bulb over the door 20 square meters will be reduced to six. The more sources of light, the larger. Point lights around the perimeter of the ceiling “expand” the room. Use zoning: the more functional areas, the spacious. Provide illumination of a zone of the wash basin, shower area or bath equip spotlights. If you place a light bulb over the head of the bath and at the feet, then the Cup itself bathroom will appear larger. Discard the shades in favor of point lights. Sometimes designers use lower lighting furniture, this technique allows you to add visual volume to the bathroom.

Solaruim. Basin illuminated led-backlit, increasing the area.

Embedded. Light points.


Any glossy surfaces increase the space, reflecting the light. Leader-enlarger in interior design remains the mirror. But if in living rooms not all have a positive attitude to the abundance of reflective surfaces, and large mirrors good, not all spaces and styles, the bathroom they can be used safely and without restrictions. This is especially important for small bathrooms. Reflected in the mirror, the bathroom space seem larger by half. In our tradition the bathroom has a small mirror is used only for the shelf above the sink. In fact you can use them as a decoration for a wall. Mounted from corner to corner or to ceiling a large mirror surface is a great alternative to tile and a visual magnifier. Placed vertically, it will “raise” the ceiling, horizontal “will move apart” walls. Lights on the perimeter of the mirror will add space volume.