As the rebels prepare children for illegal armed groups

While the front was relatively truce, the occupation continues training and recruitment of children in military schools and lyceums. To replace militants in Donetsk, preparing hundreds of students yesterday who undergo military and ideological training in special schools, living in the barracks. What institutions of the occupiers of the rack for front of children and in what areas they are trained at the Donetsk blogger Stanislav Vasina.

In the group “DNR” created a powerful system of so-called “military-Patriotic” education of youth, which educates children in the spirit of the ideals of the “Russian world” and hate to all Ukrainian. This work is carried out on all levels of the educational process. However, there are a number of institutions that deliberately prepare new personnel for military structures groups and fronts.

These include the internat-Lyceum with intensive military and physical training named Shore, who is now under the jurisdiction of the so-called “Ministry of defense” groups “DNR”. In high school enroll boys after 9-th class, preparing personnel to replenish the ranks of illegal armed groups.

I must say that this kind of military educational institutions tools really stand out — even in comparison with the already formed military units, which often lack the necessary. Children provide nutrition, a new form and actively educate in the spirit of “anti-fascism”, inviting veterans of world war II and drawing Parallels between the Wehrmacht and the APU.

Here are points of high school students dressed in white uniform with straps St. George’s colors and a Soviet star on the buckle. In the autumn of 2016, the Lyceum was reorganized by accession to another military-educational institution “Donetsk higher military command school” (“Danmaku”).

The so-called “Danmaku” — this is the next step in the indoctrination of the youth group “DNR”. Cadets of this school in recent years can be found in large numbers throughout Donetsk, and the number is only growing. Which is not surprising, since the local is something like Suvorov military school, and go to “Convoke” try to even the groups “LC”.

Besides, here prepare personnel for future command structure of the militants in four areas: exploration, tank troops, infantry and the Department of political officers. Today are paid a cash allowance of about a thousand rubles. At the end of the course, graduates receive the rank of Lieutenant. Indoctrination here is much higher, since we are talking about those who in the future he will become to handle new recruits to fight with the mythical “Ukrainian Nazism”.

Finally, one of the most closed is the so-called “Academy of the Ministry of internal Affairs” group “DNR”, which is located in the “pressed” the former University of Informatics and artificial intelligence. Here, in addition to future prosecutors and police officers, prepare and staff for the so-called “MGB DNR”. I study here under the patronage of those who already occupy a major position in the group “DNR”.

In the “Academy” preparing cadres for the entire police system, but also trained in interrogation and information. That guarantees the arrival of the new shift to those who are 17-20 years old. Some of the youth here is already practiced at checkpoints on a particularly memorable day, when the group “DNR” are particularly waiting for the arrival of the Ukrainian saboteurs and spies. In such cases, experienced security officers help yesterday’s children.