10 effective ways to reduce the risk of heart attack

There are many risk factors for cardiovascular disease, including genetics, weight, lifestyle and bad habits. Experts called the ten surprising things that reduce the risk of heart attack, writes sobesednik.ru.

  • Floss

It turns out that dental floss can be good for the heart. Although this claim is still being assessed by scientists, doctors have noticed a clear link between gum disease and cardiovascular disease. That is why it is important to regularly brush your teeth and use dental floss to remove the bacterial plaque between the teeth.

  • Moving

A simple move to a more “safe” from the point of view of such statistics the area will help to reduce the risk of heart attack, observed in many other countries.

  • Healthy sleep

The importance of healthy sleep should not be underestimated. However, many of us continue to ignore him, up late playing video games, hanging out in bars or while surfing the social network. Establishing a clear mode of the day works wonders with health. Harvard scientists have also proved that it is an excellent prevention of heart disease.

  • Trout

Most of us prefer to eat processed red meat, particularly in the form of sausage or sausages. However, these products are rich in fat and cholesterol, a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. But the fish, on the other hand, contains heart-healthy fats. So be sure to include fish in your diet. Trout and salmon are the most useful varieties of this product.

  • Vacation

To heart attacks and strokes causes stress. A great method of getting rid of stress is a vacation where you can relax and some time to forget about all existing problems.

  • Good music

Listening to music has an impact on stress levels and mood. If you listen to some aggressive music and a whole day turn off the energy drinks, it will not let you sleep very long. However, listening to classical music is good for the heart, as studies have shown. It lowers blood pressure, calms and prevents disease.

  • The appearance of the neighbor

If you live alone, then this may be one of the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. Studies show that lonely people the risk of heart disease and heart attack in particular above. It may be time to acquire a good neighbor.

  • Waiver of soda

You probably already tired of hearing about how much soda can be harmful to your health, but it’s true. The abuse of such drinks with sugar and caffeine contributes to obesity. And this increases the risk of heart disease. If you give up soda, you will significantly reduce the risk of heart attack.

  • Get a dog

Walking the dog increase the level of physical activity, themselves and Pets great reduce your stress level. Finally, the presence of dogs allows you to make a lot of friends and acquaintances among the dog lovers and sociability also is good for the health.

  • Don’t get too many children

A large number of children is considered a stress. They absorb a significant amount of your time, which you do not have any free minutes on physical activity and recreation, and the contents of junk food in the diet increases. The researchers attribute the presence of many children (more than four) with an increased risk of heart attacks.

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