How was killed al-Uzbeki

The Ataturk airport, club “Reina” in Istanbul metro in St. Petersburg, Stockholm… Here are just some of the bloodiest terrorist attacks committed by terrorists Kyrgyz, Uzbek and Tajik origin.

These countries, which have become a platform for terrorist organizations since the day that broke away from the Soviet Union, are now an important source of recruitment for terrorist organizations in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan.

I have previously written two articles on this topic. So you can say: “Other topics not in the country?” And to think that I became obsessed with this question.

But do not forget that in journalism there is such a thing as a “long-term observation”, and if you follow events occurring after the appearance of a particular news, you have no chance to see the whole picture.

Communication, disclosed after the “Reina”

The attack in Saint-Petersburg took place on 3 April, in Stockholm on 7 April.

21 April, we learned that on April 6, a group of soldiers from the Joint special operations command of the United States (JSOC), one of the elite connections, the us army launched a ground operation and killed one of the leaders of ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), Central Asian origin of Abdulrahman Uzbeks. Details of these events were listed on the front page Saturday, Hürriyet.

I tried to learn about the details of the operation on the channels.

Abdulqadir Masharipov attacked the club “Reina” on the last night of 2016, killing 39 people. While were searching Masharipova detained January 17, information was received about many important persons. The information discovered Turkish intelligence service, was great value and for our American colleagues. Russian intelligence also took up the case after the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg.

Some of those detained in connection with the attack in “Reina”, occupied an important place in the hierarchy of ISIS. During interrogation of these persons and technical analysis of the seized electronic devices was revealed is very important.

An exciting observation

All of these events are oriented security services to Deir ez-Zor, which ISIS after losing El Baba and the environment Raqqa is trying to make his new fortress.

The observation lasted more than two months. During this time, largely cleared the channels for movement of money, ammunition, fighters. The result was Abdulrahman al-Uzbeki. It was found that it is in the South of the settlement of Mayadin, near Deir-ez-Zor. Al-Uzbeki, who lived in the house on the banks of the Euphrates river, not only was the coordinator members of ISIS Central Asian origin, but also manages financial resources of the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria.

The result of the operation, which lasted about half an hour, al-Uzbeki and other members of the ISIS, who were with him, were destroyed.

The speakers are gaining strength

In Syria alone, there are 11 camps where reside and receive military training of natives of the Caucasus and Central Asia. Of them are reported to be four camps owned by the Uzbeks, and there are about six thousand terrorists of Uzbek origin. But some of these groups (such as “katibat al-Tauhid Val-Jihad” and “katibat al-Imam Bukhari”) are in Union with ISIS, and with organizations such as “al-Qaeda” and “al-Nusra” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). Uzbek group “katibat al-Ghuraba” is in the ranks of ISIS.

As you know, foreign fighters in Syria are divided into two groups depending on the language they speak: Arabic speaking and Russian-speaking. The latter came from Central Asia and the Caucasus. In reports coming lately, reflected information on the revitalization and strengthening of Russian-speakers in the ranks of ISIS.

That is why in recent aerial attacks in Russia and the international coalition in Syria targeted the areas where Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Tajiks, Uighurs. From January 2017, was conducted more than ten such transactions.

The last Syrian retouching photos

It becomes clear that over the past four months by immigrants from Asia in the ranks of ISIS was dealt a big blow. Escapes everyone’s attention the fact that on the background of these events, the organization derives its major elements from Raqqa to the South. Meanwhile, the fact that the Assad regime (backed by Russia) in cooperation with the Party “Democratic Union” used the way of Aleppo, al — Hasaka, also seen as a strategic step for an operation in raqqa.

And Turkey, which thanks to the operation “shield of the Euphrates” has secured an important advantage, but switched to the standby mode, this process can build up contacts with U.S. military and civilians and to take decisive steps to ensure that newly emerging Syrian picture is not contrary to its interests.