How to choose a quality sausage and sausage: the TOP 5 main factors


How to choose a quality sausage and sausage: the TOP 5 main factors

Today, 14:02

In the project “We eat it” with the help of consultants TM Alan versed in the subtleties of the selection of sausages

As a rule, all purchases are made at the end of the workday on the principle: I came, I saw, I bought.

In the list of commonly purchased products as usual: sausage, sausage, sausage — quick and convenient foods. We found out ways that will allow us to assess whether it is a product.

1. Shelf life

Ideally, less than lay the item in the store before you get to your table, the better. However, modern packaging (e.g., vacuum or gas) allows to increase the term and maintain all quality and nutritional characteristics.

The maximum retention period of quality product and 30 days for frankfurters, sausages, milk sausages and 3 months for smoked sausages. If the shelf life more – this should alert you. After all, technologically, to ensure longer shelf life of meat products can only be due to the large number of preservatives.

2. Color

For frankfurters, sausages optimal pink, light pink, or even grey-pink. And here — note the “pink” we understand pale pink meat colour. And not bright pink or even red.

This is one of the most persistent myths when choosing meat products: consumer bright pink color is associated with freshness and “meat content” of sausage. Knowing this, some manufacturers add to their products more dye — simply to please customers. But the dark color of the product will tell you that in the a lot more preservatives than you need.

As for the smoked sausage, its color depends on the type of meat and recipe production. Immediately alert you have blue or green stains on the product, in this much starch. A color indicator will be lipid inclusions. Consider them on the slice of sausage. A quality product on the cut will have white fat, and poor — fat yellow.

3. Elasticity and dryness

“Right,” the sausage needs to be firm. This means that after pressing the form of its recovering within a few seconds. If not, most likely, in sausage increased amount of protein and supplements.

The shell of the sausage should be crisp, without damage, mucus, plaque and mold, fit snugly to the meat. Please note that the shell was dry, with no stickiness.

A RAID is only allowed in smoked and cured products. From smoked sausages, which are long, the shell becomes wrinkled, and it is the norm.

Also you should alert the fluid in the packaging of frankfurters or sausages. Transparent liquid tells you that the sausages are better to boil or scald. A fluid is any other color — that is to call the store Manager so he can assess the product for suitability.

4. The smell

What should be the smell of sausage products? With this question we turned to the famous Ukrainian producer. Technology of meat TM “Alan” said that in the first place of sausage or frankfurters, bratwurst must come from a pleasant and fresh smell.

First you have to smell the meat and not spices. If spices are downright “beat the nose”, perhaps they want to hide the dubiousness of raw materials or formulation leaves much to be desired.

Remember, smoke flavor or spices should emphasize, but not to block the smell of meat. Reliable large manufacturer honest with their buyers.

5. Manufacturer

Today in Ukraine sausages produce a variety of companies: large, medium, small craft production and, unfortunately, there are informals. The latter is about 30%. And they are the suppliers of bright pink products with a strong smell of spice and a long shelf life. And because of the questionable manufacturers we have so much precious time we spend in the store, for a long time studying composition and shelf life of foods.

Much better is to choose a reliable manufacturer. Then the choice can be limited only to this last point — just to choose products that brand that is trusted. This will save you time, protect health, and provide an opportunity to feed the family fast and delicious!

Thanks for the advice TM Alan