The Ukrainians decided on tourist destinations for the autumn of 2017

Network-based travel agencies “On Vacation”, the leaders of this year rightfully remain Egypt and Turkey, followed by Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Spain, Greece and Montenegro. Also our compatriots in the fall of 2017 and will go to UAE, India and Thailand.

The most expensive destinations — Goa (India) and the Dominican Republic, the most accessible — Egypt and Turkey.

Bad news for the tourists was the Coxsackie virus, actively affecting travelers at different resorts in Turkey. Given this factor, the country’s ranking has fallen, which played into the hands of Egypt.

By the way, in the ratio the price/quality/climatic conditions of Egypt — best option for budget travel and luxury holidays.

Why Egypt?

Egypt will always attract Ukrainian tourists with its history and culture, mentality and traditions, atmosphere and hospitality. The land of spices, bright colours, a thousand years of history and the most graceful cat in the world! Coming here once, I understand why people prefer Egyptian resorts again and again. And the main reason is the affordable holiday in the warm sea, a variety of attractions and unique atmosphere of the East.

Why Egypt is the best option for your autumn vacation? Five advantages:

A good climate. Summer in the Egyptian resort the temperature rises above 40° C, which makes the rest uncomfortable, even on the beach. In autumn the temperature is in the range of 29 – 35° C. the Water warms up to +27 that allows you to swim in the sea, to scuba dive and to travel long trips.

Affordable pricing. The price of tours to Egypt for two starts from $ 616. The price includes flights, transfers from airport to hotel and back, all inclusive and accommodation at the hotel. Compared to other fall directions to the sea this rate is more than affordable.

Short flight. Only 3.5 hours — and you already in place, no change in time zone and akklimatizatsii.

The many attractions. If you choose the most interesting excursions, vacation you can spend so much alive, that is not enough time for swimming in the sea. Besides the weather conditions here accompany as trips on Quad bikes, and visiting temples and fortresses.

Here you can sit back and not worry. System “all inclusive” allows tourists to discard the usual bustle and just relax, enjoying every moment. And all this for little money.

Want to Egypt!

Trips to Egypt is:

Holiday both for couples and for large families. All hotels in Egypt are divided into categories: youth, family, children, etc. For each category of guests the hotel offers everything you need. For example, if you are travelling with a small child, you will be provided a crib for the baby, children’s menu and even a nanny, who will stay with the child until the parents go to dinner in the A la Carte restaurant. Vacationers can choose a luxurious 5-star hotels with vast grounds, swimming pools and private parks, and small cozy hotel with a neat area. Besides, choosing hotels by categories, there is always the opportunity to meet new friends with common interests.

Hospitality. Here really welcomes tourists. The Egyptians do not miss the opportunity to chat and joke with the guests of the hotels. They are always smiling, joking and trying to help. And a great tradition to haggle uplifting to all tourists.

Coral reefs. Egyptian underwater coral world is extremely rich, there are more than one hundred fifty types of coral! The authorities consider them a national treasure and care about their conservation. In the Bay RAS Um El Sid is a coral “wall”. It can offer you scuba diving, where everyone can not only dive and get a closer look at the corals, but also to take pictures under water. The Bay is also home to a diverse array of fish and even a flock of green turtles.

Sweets. If there is a Paradise for the sweet tooth, then it is located in Egypt. A variety of chocolates, cakes, Turkish delight and other traditional Oriental sweets will not leave indifferent even the sweet tooth. And in Egyptian malls sell delicious ice cream of different kinds — a must try.

Shopping. Eastern shopping differs greatly from shopping in the European countries because it has a unique feature — the ability to bargain. On the Eastern bazaars, which are usually located in the old town, you can buy various Souvenirs, drink a Cup of strong coffee, smoke a hookah and just plunge into the atmosphere of the East. A wonderful smell of spices, perfumes, oils, teas and incense sticks will drive crazy any tourist.

The lack of a language barrier. Do you speak English? — I’ll ask you in any European country. And in Egypt you sincerely and with a smile, say “Good day”. So if your knowledge of a foreign language does not allow you to open conversation with foreigners, and this nuance is really a concern, go to the hot Egypt.

Where to go in Egypt to love him forever?

Want aesthetics, luxury, warm sea and stunning sunsets? Then tours in Sharm El Sheikh is what you need. It is a dynamic resort on the red sea coast, which is evolving by leaps and bounds. Every year in Sharm El Sheikh there are dozens of new hotels, the striking beauty and comfort.

Attractions Sharm El Sheikh:

Blue hole. This is one of the ten most dangerous places to dive on the planet — karst collapse, leaving a depth of 130 meters, is surrounded by corals. Every day dozens of tourists come here to scuba dive, and the divers and divers love the blue hole because here it is possible to set new records and just dive into the pleasure.

The colored canyon is located 150 kilometers from Sharm El Sheikh and represents a group of rocks formed from the sand due to strong wind. Every rock has a unique color, thereby creating a brand space atmosphere.

Mount Moses — one of the most visited attractions on the planet. To reach its foot, you must ride on the bus for about 3 hours, and to climb to the top of the mountain over a distance of 3750 steps. The special feature of the tour is that it begins in the night, and at dawn, the tourists find themselves at the peak.

St. Catherine’s monastery — the biggest sanctuary on the Sinai Peninsula; it is a fortress, surrounded by walls with a height of 12-15 m. the area is the chapel of the Burning Bush and Church of the Transfiguration, where for centuries, hidden in the marble rakis, the relics of St. Catherine to which daily after-service open access to all who believe.

Egypt is beautiful at any time of the year: here you can relax in summer and winter, enjoying the scenery, the sea and the General atmosphere, Egypt is unique and original — it has no analogues in the world in the climate, vegetation and landscape; Egypt is the meeting place of many tourists and just the area where you like and expect.