The face of racism in the United States

Looks like trump coming to power in the USA will point to a more serious fracture than the arrival of Obama as a black President.

In Virginia, clashes erupted due to the initiative to dismantle the monument to the commander of the Confederate army. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln became President fulfilled his promise to abolish slavery and the southern States rich in agricultural land due to the fact that they were deprived of such benefits as free labor, vozdelyvaniya these great plantations United headed by Jefferson Davis (Jefferson Davis) and declared independence. In 1861 the war between the Confederacy of 11 States in the South, supporters of the Department, on the one hand, and Union on the other. A civil war in which sides suffered heavy losses ended in 1865 with the defeat of the South, namely the famous army commander of the Confederacy Robert Edward Lee (Robert Edward Lee).

During this period, the Congress approved the abolition of slavery, but soon after the adoption of the law Lincoln was assassinated. In the end, racism was forbidden by law, but left his first mark as a signal that he will live.

The events of the monument last week, show that nationalist and racist spirit of the South remains in the United States for over 150 years.

Courage, which gives trump

Obama heralded the end of racism, not only legally, but also politically. However, the arrival of trump, almost the “whitest of the white Americans”, found that social level, racism has not lost its weight.

Trump has emboldened the racists, primarily for its position in relation to Latinos. In almost every statement he had used expressions which, to put it mildly, belittled everyone who does not belong to the rich, white, Christian, male. And the voices he scored largely at the expense of those who thinks so.

The courage in question, broke out in Virginia, which can be considered a kind of border region from the perspective of those years when there was a section North — South. This region, located near the capital, suffered heavy losses during the civil war. Therefore, the historical and ideological reference is quite significant.

The fact that the dispute over the monument has grown and nationalists-racists came to the square with weapons, engaging in clashes with their opponents, is a key indicator that these attitudes continue to exist in the USA and in what state of readiness they are in.

Linking arms — war — racism

Trump, who says that the U.S. can intervene militarily to Venezuela, where, he says, there is an internal conflict in Virginia was considered sufficient to declare a state of emergency. And it reiterated the fact that in the developed world we are increasingly faced with the Declaration of state of emergency.


Trump: violence for both sides: “the Motor died”


Whether due to the fact that in the regions outside the developed Western countries, the terror, violence, civil wars have become commonplace, whether due to the lack of veneration of the measures that will be taken in response to the killing of other people, now every problem is expressed with the use of weapons, and solutions looking for the curb using the same weapons.

Constant threats trump to strike at North Korea, Idlib, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, must have forced the racists to think that they can attack their opponents.

However, it should be recalled that Muslim and Jewish organizations in the United States also strongly condemn the racist actions and attacks. This points to the possibility that the world could be the antidote to the rise of the ultranationalist and racist tendencies.

I hope that the leaders, who remember, know or anticipate what might happen in the event of further growth of such trends and what will mankind a situation in which States threatened with weapons, you will find the opportunity to have their say.