How to get rid of facial swelling once and for all

Not very nice to get up early for work and see in the reflection in the mirror swollen, gaining in volume to the face and eyes. What you need to do to get rid of the disease quickly, and without any harm, writes

If you just started your day and have noticed swelling of the face, think carefully about your lifestyle and how long you have not visited medical institution. You cannot run a situation – causes of swelling are completely different. Among them are the called, say, broken, and malnutrition, and serious diseases.


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Before you get rid of edema, it is necessary to understand why there are problems with the body:

  • lack of vitamins (especially of group B);
  • malnutrition: diet, snacks, eating fatty foods;
  • insomnia and chronic sleep deprivation;
  • the fatigue of the body;
  • a hearty meal shortly before bedtime;
  • allergies.

Useful tips

So as soon as you find out the reasons on the face appeared swollen, quickly begin to take active steps to eliminate them. To remove puffiness from the face on your own in the case when the disease is at an early stage. Self-treatment is much more effective than going to doctors.
To start, stop eat a lot of smoked meats. Fried and canned food too limit.

  • To get rid of swelling will help the carrots, apples and watermelons. Enter them in your diet.
  • If you want to quickly get rid of the swelling, you will need to restrict your salt. Suitable salt-free diet.
  • To remove puffiness from the face by using citrus. Most importantly, do not eat too many of them to avoid allergies. It is recommended to eat at least 4 hours before bedtime.
  • Whatever the cause of the swelling, take diuretic infusions with herbs.
  • Treatment can take place by means of special masks. To prepare most of them yourself.
  • Contrast compresses will help to relieve swelling: alternate warm and cold gauze on the face.
  • Excellent and painless treatment – ice cubes. Gently wipe their face in the morning or before bedtime.
  • This is the most effective methods that will help to remove edema regardless of cause. It has been said that to remove puffiness from the face by using masks. Let’s see what helps best.

    • Masks from edema

    Recently, various masks have become very popular. Thanks to them, the skin remains fresh and youthful for a long time. In addition, this treatment does not require huge costs and long trips to the doctor. Many recipes, it is better to prepare everything from early morning to start the day fresh and rested.

    • Mask of potatoes

    To get rid of swelling will help ordinary potatoes. For successful cooking potato mask boil the vegetables in their skins, mash it with a fork (don’t want to empty, wrinkle with skin on) and a little cool. Warm potato mush apply on face for about 10-15 minutes. Causes of swelling will be eliminated. When there is no time for boiling, can put raw slices of potatoes on a raised, tender area.

    • Smetana mask

    Another mask that is able to eliminate the causes of swelling of the face is a mask of sour cream. Simply mix a few teaspoons of sour cream with chopped dill (one teaspoon). Then apply the paste on the face. Rinse with warm water after 15 minutes.

    • Parsley to help

    To get rid of problems with edema will help a simple parsley. For starters, a little chopped parsley can be added to the potato mask to boost its anti-edema effect. In addition, to get rid of edema you can still mix the parsley (or root) with a strong brew of black or green tea.

    • Mask of tea

    To remove puffiness from the face can help regular tea. Brew a strong tea. It needs to be black or green. After this slightly cool and moisten it cheesecloth. Apply on the face until it is warm.

    • The doctor will help

    These listed are simple and quick ways you can easily get rid of swelling of the face. The use of these methods is better when the swelling is not caused by very serious diseases. In addition, the above tips will help to keep the skin and General health in good condition for a long time.
    Of course, when it swells the face, one thing is clear – with health something not so. If you’re not exactly sure what happened by the body, it is best to quickly refer to a specialist. But when you understand what may be the case, you can try to treat yourself.