The world is aware of Turkey’s power

On the sidelines of the St Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF) negotiations between the countries of the E7, a new group of emerging economies that is beginning to assert itself in the world economy, went into a dizzying pace.

On the agenda many times there were opportunities for cooperation between Russia and Turkey in the field of economy, defense and foreign policy.

The head of the national welfare Fund of Turkey Mehmet Bostan (Bostan Mehmet) who was offered to become a member of the international Advisory Board of the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF), together with senior managers and heads of about 30 sovereign investment funds, managing capital in the amount of trillions of dollars, participated in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and then told that the leading players of the global economy understand the power of Turkey. To the welfare Fund of Turkey and possible joint projects with Turkey showed great interest. In SPIEF meetings, some European experts said that despite the disagreement with Putin on certain issues, in Europe, it inspired respect, and the sanctions that the EU applies against Russia, was originally incorrect.

Especially participants from Asia, in talks with representatives of Turkish companies and institutions have reported that they find it difficult to understand the policy of Western countries, European politicians against Turkey and Russia. E7 countries, recognizing the economic, the political strength of Turkey in Eurasia and its ability as a playmaker, I wish to strengthen cooperation with it. So, the head of Russian defense company rostec, Sergey Chemezov, speaking about the negotiations with Turkey on the question of the production of military aircraft fifth generation, said that in Turkey there is the necessary base for this, and Turkey and Russia can work together to create new and modern products. Chemezov also said that technical talks on the s-400 come to an end.

And chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko, said that he was impressed by the weapons technology of Turkey. Turkey has military and economic resources to expand its influence in the region and although some countries are trying to weaken Turkey, President Erdogan is a strong leader.

The statement made on the sidelines of SPIEF, that investment and services of the General contractor on the construction project of the satellite city “South” near St. Petersburg, will take the Turkish company Rönesans Inşaat, as well as the fact that the authorities of St. Petersburg have agreed with her on projects worth $ 265 million in the sphere of tourism, healthcare, transport and logistics, and also filled us with pride.

We are in the knowledge of our strength we will continue our strong March in Eurasia.