The harm of hookah: the doctor and the champion of Europe has told the truth about Smoking

The debate about what is more harmful is hookah or cigarettes, do not cease never. Those who prefer the classics, tell horror stories about what an hour of “communication” with a hookah lungs absorb the smoke from hundreds of cigarettes. But opponents counter that inhale is not smoke, and steam, and it is filtered through the water where most contaminants. Besides Shisha tobacco is more “fried”, and does not interact with the spark, and therefore does not emit harmful product of combustion. But even the master of the hookah admit that this kind of Smoking, though less than cigarettes, but still harmful to health.

The main danger of this hobby is that hookah is associated with pleasant meetings with friends and socializing. Hiking in the hookah is perceived as a holiday, and not something dangerous. “Today” figured out how to affect the health of the hookah and what to do to reduce the harm.


When Smoking a hookah the smoke is damp and chilled, so into the lungs deeper: to lovers of cigarettes damaged upper pulmonary lobe, and those who prefer hookah — middle and lower. Harmful not even so much the nicotine that enters the body, and the products of combustion, no matter what — cigarettes, hookah, plastic or leaves. Any product of combustion — the whole periodic table, and there are so many chemical compounds that destroy the body.

The respiratory tract can be compared to… grapes. The trachea is divided into bronchi, and they in turn are divided into 25 generations (each divided into two small ones — again and again, to terminal bronchioles, where gas exchange occurs). Oxygen from air enters the alveolus, and from there out carbon dioxide. The area of these bronchioles, if you lay them on the surface, are enormous, a few hundred meters. And imagine: from Smoking, at least cigarettes, even though hookah, it is constantly exposed to the harmful effects of combustion products.


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Arkady Vysotsky, MD, anatomically surgeon:

Compare the harm from Smoking cigarettes and Shisha — all the same what to compare and what floor it is better to jump — at the 12th or 7th. Well, Yes, the height is less, but what gives? I say this so that people had no illusions: not helpful to Smoking. All this smoke is the pollutants that cause health problems.

It does not matter how the smoke gets into your body — it hurts the same. The fact that the products of combustion are destroyed bronchioles, a kind of septum in the lungs. Alveoli, where gas exchange occurs, increase in size, and that means lung tissue dies. It is proved that the destruction of these walls (emphysema) is directly affected by the products of combustion.

The second important consequence from any smoke inhalation is the development of chronic bronchitis: ciliated epithelium, which lined the respiratory tract is constantly irritated. Therefore, make no mistake. For fun you have to pay, and in this case — their own health.

Gregory Sharps, champion of Europe in Shisha:

Yes, Shisha is a lack of harmful substances — it has a lot of carbon dioxide in the tobacco is a lot of “chemistry”, for example, food flavors. But it does not stand out products of burning tobacco in the bowl smolders on the principle of the “inverted frying pan”. If any spark hits and starts “burning”, a defect that need to be addressed, Smoking a Shisha is not. The best thing to do hookah with pure water — because when the molecules of alcohol get directly into the lungs, this is very bad for health.


Victor Georgiev, the businessman:

“With great difficulty I quit Smoking cigarettes. Get rid of bad habits, was very proud of himself and even taught the other, saying: “Take me an example, I was able to quit — and you can do it.” But I didn’t even notice that he continued to smoke — just in a different form. At work we have a creative atmosphere, and some of the staff had brought a hookah. At first it was lighted for the holidays and birthdays as a element of fun. Then after completion of the project, to relax and to exhale. Over time the office started to smoke very often. I even started to allocate money office Manager not only in coffee, tea and cookies, and tobacco with coal. Come down to the fact that the morning meetings took place for Smoking hookah.

And one employee who never smoked cigarettes, hookah for the first time we tried, admitted that he hates weekends and literally runs to work in the morning, because it’s there waiting… hookah! And here at me as the eyes opened — I too wanted to be at work, because there is the possibility to smoke, and this weekend chose a bar with a hookah room.

So I did, promoting a healthy lifestyle, paying employees pool, and a health insurance, hoisted them and yourself a bad habit! Had to abandon the “smoky planning meetings”. In the end, comes the cleaning lady accidentally broke the bowl, and the story of my Smoking is over — hopefully this time forever.”


If you really want to smoke hookah, you should follow a few simple rules to reduce the harm to health:

  • use only the special Shisha tobacco and herbal Smoking blends;
  • cook only with pure water, milk or juice. It is not necessary to pour into the bowl alcohol — just as it is not necessary to combine Smoking hookah with alcohol;
  • always flush the hose and flask;
  • during Smoking company do not be lazy to change individual disposable mouthpieces;
  • smoke “chunks” and not smoke a hookah alone. Duration of hookah Smoking in the company should not be more than 40-60 minutes.