The United States accused the Assad regime in creating the crematorium to hide the mass executions

The foreign Ministry, the United States has circulated satellite images, which depict a building within the prison complex Saydnaya near Damascus that, according to the Americans, the authorities have altered the crematorium, reports the Associated Press.

Satellite photos of the prisons, the Agency has published in his Twitter.

According to the representative offices of Stuart Jones, the crematorium is necessary in order to hide from the public the mass murder committed in prison. According to the state Department daily jail Syedna executed by hanging for 50 people, and their bodies burned.

During the presentation of the photos, Jones said that the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad who is supported by Russia and Iran, fell to a new stage of “moral decay”. The official urged Moscow and Tehran to influence Damascus to seek ceasefire and to start negotiations on the political future of Syria, says RBC.

In August 2016, the international human rights organization Amnesty International published a report entitled “It breaks a man.” The report focuses on mass torture and murder in a military prison Saydnaya in Syria controlled by the Syrian government army. According to experts of Amnesty in this prison has killed tens of thousands.