How to lose 20 pounds without effort: the seven principles of “ice” diet

Six weeks on the ice diet will help to improve the metabolism and accelerate your metabolism. This diet was invented by British Pat Bi – an expert in beauty and health, reports


  • What foods can you eat on the advice of nutritionists

Using a system of weight loss, you can lose from seven to 20 pounds in a month and a half. The basic principle of “ice” diet is to maintain a constant cold inside the body and outside. The author says that the progress has forced us to reconstruct our habits and get used to the comfort. People no longer feel the cold. Meanwhile, the hothouse conditions of life – the perfect environment for the accumulation of fat.

  • The first principle

There is a need for the principle of 14:10. That is, the first 14 hours of the day allowed to eat, and the next 10 is prohibited. It is believed that cold food is not so provokes appetite, as warm. So you eat less.

  • The second principle

Try to eat three times a day and mostly cold soups (okroshka are made gazpacho), frozen fruits and berries, ice unsweetened fruit drinks, tea and even ice cream. Also allowed are chilled salads, frozen mashed potatoes, rice, boiled fish, chilled cheese and oatmeal.

  • The third principle

Learn tempering. Take a cool shower, wash your face with cold water.

  • The fourth principle

Don’t be afraid of the cold, but avoid drafts. Often ventilate the room, turn on the air conditioning, sleeping with the window open, if possible.

  • The fifth principle

Do not wrap, when you go out. Better to prosernat than sweat. Move vigorously to stay warm, and spend more time outside the home.

  • The sixth principle

Eliminate from the diet all hot meals. After cooking, place food in the fridge for at least an hour.

  • The seventh principle

Throughout the day drink small SIPS for at least six glasses of chilled water or fruit juice. What is prohibited? To chew chunks of ice, it can be dangerous to your health. Also eliminate from the diet foods, pastries, sugar and soda. By the way Welcome from ice used American nutritionist Brian C Weiner. He offered every day to drink a liter of ice water with chopped ice.