Curiosity Tsarev blew Network

Former MP Oleg Tsarev, who fled to Russia, has complained that Facebook is promoting the site “Peacemaker” – “Know”.

“On my public page on Facebook “Oleg Tsarev” came to the notice of the offer to replace my website for a profile on the site “Peacemaker”, if not rejected, the change will occur automatically,” wrote the Deputy.

Social media users are not forced to wait for a response. They noted that Tsarev is with the squeak “Peacemaker”. In addition, the Tsar could easily use the Russian sites to discuss the seizure of new territories.

Someone remembered the last pearl Tsarev. For example, to enhance your page to enter the start of the Second world war.

Earlier it was reported that fleeing to Russia ex-MP Tsarev received from the Kremlin a luxurious mansion in the Crimea.