How to improve the activity and to make it brighter

Travel to on vacation? Going to actively and usefully spend time?

How to write health info with reference to experts told how to make a vacation even more active, richer and more energetic.

1. Make a plan

If you’re going to the mountains, explore eco paths and mountain roads in the place where you are going. Go to sea? Find a surf school, join a local run club or find out the schedule of local yoga club (yoga on the beach — a dream!). In advance, locate the health food stores, markets with fresh fruits and vegetables and playgrounds — so you don’t have to spend time looking at the place.


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2. Select a good company

To actively spend a vacation, it is better to travel with someone who shares your views and is willing to support any idea. If such like-minded people you have not found, do not refuse the trip. Meet already in place, with new people, gain experiences and will spend the holidays exactly as dreamed.

3. Prepare your equipment

If you are going to run on vacation, don’t forget to checked the sneakers shape and the interchangeable set, so you don’t have to wait until the clothes dry. For the gym, grab gloves and a convenient water bottle. Plan to train on the street? Take the rope. For trekking and mountain walks pick a comfortable trekking shoes, small backpack and a windbreaker.

Life hack for girls: Jogging bras and shorts are easily converted into a swimsuit — you can dive into the sea immediately after my run. Whatever activities you do on vacation, don’t forget the sunscreen, exercise Mat and massage roll. The latter will not weight your Luggage, but you’ll be better soon and recover from exercise.

4. Early to rise

Universal advice for all types of travel. Early in the morning, the soft sun and less people on the streets, and the holiday becomes like longer. If you get up at 7 am instead of 12, will have more time to explore new places, play sports and meet new people.

5. Find the balance

You are on vacation, and that means you can forget about the severe restrictions and afford to train in a fun, but not on a strict plan to order dessert instead of juice from the celery. Spend time in nature, walk in the mountains, bathe in the sea and just enjoy the summer.