Zelensky explained the controversial joke about Ukraine

The head of state urged not to be ashamed of mistakes and acknowledged that he was wrong

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that he is ashamed of the joke about the comparison of Ukraine with a prostitute, which sounded earlier in a speech, “95 Quarter”, but he definitely wasn’t trying to offend Ukrainians. It was only about financial dependence of Ukraine from the West.

He told about it in interview to “the Ukrainian truth”.

To a journalist’s question, whether he be ashamed for the joke, where Ukraine was compared with a prostitute, the President replied: “I never called Ukraine a prostitute. This is the first…”.

“Do not be ashamed of mistakes. Although no one wanted to do offend someone. Even in humor … I Can tell you frankly. If indeed a large number of people, or even someone who took it as a joke and compared Ukraine with “prostitute”, for such things I feel ashamed. And I’m not right. But the joke was about something else. The joke was, I believe, of the lack of independence of financial. And so it is. The lack of independence of the Ukrainian financial system from others. We should be an independent country. Nobody has the right to control us,” says Zelensky.

As reported “Today” in 2016, a controversial joke “Quarter 95” in Jurmala has caused the big resonance in Ukraine. Comparing Ukraine with the porn actress of the German cinema for adults, Zelensky has incurred the wrath of social media and even some politicians.

Look how recently Zelensky to Kamenetz-Podolsk from a bow shot: