Horoscope for August 27-September 2: the Virgins are starting to run the finances, and Cancers not to overwork

ARIES. Focus gambling moves in the service area. Here you will be able to combine creativity, work, and romance. The main thing — not to disturb the spiritual and legal laws, because the evil one never sleeps and is waiting to catch the “experimenters” in their network.

You make selfless service for the benefit of others. Don’t work carelessly, and with the creative inspiration, gratify those who are near it, then it will be all full of happiness. Pious love, now you have one heart beat pulse for two, and if the disharmony is bad, it should not be, so you made a blunder.

If you need help, advisors, assistants, patrons there.

TAURUS. You have a finest hour creative, love prosperity and heavenly happiness in the family abode. Personal life, going to the left is not necessary, all will find homes.

If you want to improve the financial situation, show maximum activity in all areas, then you will reap good fruit. After all, you are depending on other requirements, resources, interests. And people to go forward, shell out, be white and fluffy not only in appearance but in the soul.

Industrious poverty is not threatened, the main thing — not to shun any work, to undertake any commitments. Now to become a generalist very easy, so use these opportunities (up to November) — in the future will be useful.

GEMINI. In the role of practical host, a caring family man — you are a consummate, confident together with the missus keep the family ship through the reefs of everyday problems. Your tandem is an alloy of inexhaustible energy, wisdom, ingenuity, creative enthusiasm, and if you send all this wealth to household improvement, the results will be fantastic!

A change of scenery is also required and is a powerful life-giving stimulant. After all, even a married couple (up to December) tested the strength of ties, because parhaita love dove in front of the missus, and don’t think about divorce.

CANCERS. Gains and losses coexist together in your yard. Don’t be surprised, as destiny balances the distortions in the material sphere. Found — rejoice not lost — don’t worry. Cool actively, intensely interact, change, knowing the world in all its diversity. For other people’s benefits should not count, earn their own money, they are necessary for personal needs and family where you are the main sponsor and supporter.

To get rich is not working, because having a shiny natural talents, business experience and dropping them in progress, you can plug any competitor for the belt. And do not look new (left), to quarrel with employers. To the realization of desires, the gate is opened. And if they are godly — everything will be fine! Just take care of your health, to overwork, shouldering the extra work, is contraindicated.

LIONS. You headed pragmatic “want”, directing the actions into practice. Energy a dime a dozen. Grasp lucrative business opportunities to earn money and where they spend it — find. There are many issues that require funding.

Despite the charm and sexuality, to embark on a romantic hunt makes no sense, this violence on themselves, behind the veneer — solid inertia. The other extreme — can get involved is not someone who you are at heart.

Better activate contacts, learn new things, enriching knowledge, communicate with interesting people. There is grace.

VIRGO. Long live the transformation! Starts another evolutionary turn. How are you going to position in society, is very important. Therefore, if the family problems in private life continuous frustration is not the reason for depression.

You are strong-willed, presentable personality, financial Nezavisimaya, plus are in the hands of the secret levers of influence, a great analyst, scout, detective, that you should not advertise. Going to target, skillfully command, let the entourage dances to your accompaniment.

Finances won’t be a problem, here are the lucky streak until Oct.

LIBRA. Hide alone is a great feeling. In the layers of the subconscious has accumulated (for a year) a lot of junk, time to bring order, to get rid of the psychological ballast that poisons the spiritual temple, clearing a place for the beneficial energies.

Attention leaders: you can heroically fight on the front lines, enlisting the support of influential friends and thoroughly to do business on the secret front, to be practical strategist in the rear.

Make peace with your neighbors, brothers, sisters, negative attitudes are the result of provocations of the adversary. Be wise and do not klyuyte on the hook of temptation. And filter any information received.

SCORPIONS. In your career, business hosting luck, and if you refrain from abuse, Mercantile interests (is it a trick of the impure), there is a chance to get a coveted position with a corresponding salary. But provided that your work fits into the demands of the times, meet the needs of society and is a creative calling.

Take part in charity events, overcome greed. If you are chasing losses, damages or become the victim of thieves, so stingy where it is necessary to give.

ARCHERS. Professional Sunny sky, on a successful random chances of luck. It is time to strengthen the Foundation of career, business, earnestly fulfill the mission leader in relation to the people who depend on you, both at home and in the team.

The vertical “head — subordinate”, “parents — children” is subject to a health transformation. They samantaray true friendship is mutual. But the initiative must come from you personally. Watch out for spiritual purity, if there is a wormhole, it will immediately attract outside negative.

CAPRICORNS. Time for PR, about your talents and achievements everyone should know! Rebuild a career (while the chief is in favor) to show off, populariteit own achievements in public. Now you have a bright personality that demands rightful authority, is obliged to give in, to generously share their belongings with others, to invest their own resources rich in business together. And if “the toad presses” — bad, you risk to find yourself overboard. The hog and selfish access to the generous sponsors closed.

Do not envy anybody, remain faithful to people. Affairs and concerns judge them. And see that you are not jinxed! Set around the psychological barrier.

AQUARIANS. Dependence on others ‘ needs, interests, creative, financial, sexual resources is an excellent deterrent lever in your freedom-loving behavior. Get as much as for you to fork out people, period. No longer pretend. And he who pays makes the rules of the game. So beautiful, “valerate” to awaken the sponsor of the knightly strings and well to dispossess him.

FISH. Career climbing horizontally, gaining the intense pace at work you are a master of all trades, for which he will receive appropriate financial reward. But up on the official Olympus don’t go, hold on, your time has not come yet.

Join together with competent, professional helpers and companions. Properly formed working team is the key to business achievements for the next year.

Warning: office romances are a good tonic, can “twist Lamour” with the work or with a colleague. Choose to your taste.