The historian said the main reasons for the slow development of Ukraine

Famous Ukrainian historian and publicist Yaroslav Hrytsak believes that despite a number of objective reasons, which for the past 26 years has slowed down the holding in Ukraine of fundamental reforms, they can no longer be used to justify the deplorable condition of the country.

This opinion he expressed in his column on “the New time”.

He listed a number of reasons that could prevent the successful carrying out reforms.

According to him, Ukraine could prevent “the trap of wealth” – because the poorer the country, the greater the growth when the country will begin to reform.

The second reason could be that Ukraine is too big and diverse.

“However, the country proved its viability. And not just once, but three times. She survived the crises in 1994 and 2004, as well as the “Russian spring” in 2014. To the delight of our many national-democratic ideologists of Ukraine has lost a “Russian” Crimea and the Donbass, becoming nationally more homogeneous. But this is not “help”,” – said hrycak.

He stressed that the experience of India shows that size and heterogeneity are not serious obstacles to reform.

The third possible reason is the legacy of communism. “Communism may initially provide a high rate of industrialization, but, ultimately, reduces itself to brake,” added the historian.

The last reason is purely theoretical: Ukraine General preformation. But, as noted hrycak, many countries that managed to break through, did it with such different starting conditions, is obvious: “category preformationist” simply does not exist.

“In the case of Ukraine, history dictates as a necessity of revolutions – without them it is impossible to overcome the legacy of the past in the most critical moments, and the inevitability of evolution, without which this heritage is in principle impossible to overcome.

This fact fixes another inevitable effect: the past recedes. It can no longer be used as justification. And if an independent Ukraine really wants to behave according to age, she can’t blame on the bad blood and an unhappy childhood. It’s time to take responsibility for themselves in their hands,” summed up historian.