“Outfit” for the people: what modern Ukrainians know about the traditional costume of their ancestors

In a festive day to dress up, and such an important event as the Day of Independence of Ukraine, and certainly suggests a particular decoration. Lately second life has such elements of Ukrainian national clothes like embroidery and wreath — Ukrainians and Ukrainian women are proud and happy not only on holidays, but often in everyday life.

However, the Grand national costume involves a lot more elements, not less colorful and distinctive. “Today” decided to remind Ukrainians, what is the traditional Ukrainian “stri” (suit) in different regions of the country.

We have collected the names popular in ancient times, elements, festive clothes and asked ordinary Ukrainians “estimate”. It turned out that the words “the County” and “dukach” is familiar to many, but “serdak”, “ltnc”, “plahtiy and magerko” seemed modern townsfolk anything, but not clothing or headgear.