Trump will give Ukraine to Putin on a platter – Times

The Times magazine the above article under the heading “Naive big deal” about the relationship of the presidents, Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin, the Correspondent.

“Soon the only Moscow aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” will sail in a puff of smoke through the English channel, completing its task, providing a platform for bombing Syria”, – writes the edition.

The output of the aircraft carrier from this theater of war, the Times sees “a signal of the Kremlin to the White house: Vladimir Putin is ready to make a deal with the United States.”

This transaction can go a lot further saving in power in Syria, Bashar al-Assad, the newspaper notes.

“Repeated praise of trump about Putin and his selfless attempt to protect Moscow from criticism and downplay its role in the hacker’s interference in US elections indicate that he is preparing the way to a reconciliation with the Kremlin,” says the Times.

Foreign policy priorities to trump’s will defeat ISIS, reduce the role of Iran as a destabilizing factor in the middle East region and opposition to economic and military power of China.

Russia can contribute to the achievement of all these goals in exchange for recognition of its superpower status, the newspaper said.

“Discharge, played out in a similar way, will carry toxic effects: Ukraine will have to bring Putin on a platter, bound and butchered. According to analysts, the deal Putin-trump Ukraine will remove the issue of the status of Crimea on the world agenda for up to 20 years in order not to interfere with the settlement of the military conflict in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. With the Russian annexation quietly accept,” warns the Times, stating that the sanctions will be removed.

Thus peace in Europe, these concessions will not bring, said the Times.

“It will be the height of idealism to believe that Mr. Putin will ever be an honest guarantor of stability in Ukraine”, – emphasizes the publication.

Trump offers Putin to get rid of the status of a pariah, but it does not specify what he wants in return.

As trump himself writes in his bestseller “the art of the deal”, this is a weak position, says Times.

As reported, trump has nominated Daniel Coates for the post of Director of National intelligence. Coates has repeatedly made anti-Russian statements and included in the sanctions list of the Russian foreign Ministry.