The U.S. state Department estimated the damage from the Russian sanctions

Sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin and his closest associates, are working as intended; at the same time, the President, Donald trump hinted that he was open to the lifting of these sanctions measures.

This is stated in the scientific report which was published on the website of the US State Department, according to BuzzFeed.

As the main author of the report indicated a Deputy chief economist of the us Department of state Daniel An, his co-author Professor Rodney Ludema from Georgetown University.

The experts came to the conclusion that economic sanctions deprive those whom they are targeting, income, and resources.

According to the 36-page document, “medium-sized company, sanctioned, or associated firm loses about a third of operating income, about half the value of their assets and about one-third of employees compared to similar companies not placed under sanctions”.

Also, according to the researchers, the “smart” or “targeted” sanctions imposed in 2014 against Russian companies and individuals live up to their name.

“The report argues that four rounds of sanctions aimed at Putin’s inner circle, several Russian banks, defence industry and energy sector, were able to discuss these specific subjects without causing significant damage to the Russian economy as a whole,” the article says.

Much more macroeconomics of Russia suffered from the fall in oil prices.

The report was done through a series of studies prepared by the Office of the chief economist of the state Department (OCE), which was established in 2011.

Disclaimer preceding the report States that “the expressed views and opinions do not necessarily reflect the official position or policies of the OCE and the Department of state”. The Daniel Academy and its head, chief economist Kate Maskos, was appointed by former President Barack Obama.