Menu the iron lady: on a diet Margaret Thatcher you can throw 20 pounds in a month


In this diet for at least four weeks from the diet should exclude cereals, potatoes and breads.

The first two weeks should focus on meat (except lamb) and eggs (they must eat from 26 to 28 units per week).

In the third week of eggs in the diet not only meat (again — any except lamb), fruit and some vegetables.

On the fourth week — a lot of meat and cheese (no eggs also).

This diet can be repeated every 3-4 months.


The emphasis on protein foods will cause the body to rapidly consume the internal fat reserves. Because of that, excluded from the menu of porridge, bread and fat, heavy to the gastro-intestinal tract lamb. Since the increase in the number of protein products only at the expense of meat could be overwhelming for the digestive tract, is also more easily digestible protein is eggs and cheese. Well, because without carbs the body will still be hard, the diet is full of fruit.

Per month promised weight loss of up to 20 kg!


Oksana Skitalinskaia, the dietician:

“The fact that the prototype diet was the diet of Margaret Thatcher, has not been confirmed. But even if we assume that this is so, it is hardly necessary to follow this high-protein diet — if you remember that a politician was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Let me explain. One of the substances with regard to accelerated aging — methionine in excess. Methionine — an essential amino acid necessary for human life, she the body does not produce and must come from food. But when its too much, it disrupts the metabolism at the cellular level, which leads to the accumulation of “cellular garbage” breakdown in the cells and shut down system “repair”. This increases the risk of mutations, inflammation, premature aging and aging of cells.

In skeletal muscle cells, cardiac muscle, brain, large quantities accumulate so-called amyloid plaques. With the accumulation of amyloid in the cells of the nervous system are developing memory loss, ability to concentrate, and then of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s. And excessive intake of amino acid methionine plays in these disorders an important role. Much methionine is in proteins of animal origin in any red meat (not just lamb, which is in this diet should be deleted, as a special kind of evil), and eggs (on which the emphasis in this diet).

The second negative consequence is the abundance of sweet fruit, because the fructose and glucose contained in them. These sugars trigger a process of protein glycation (formation of cross “linking” between molecules) — proteins lose activity (enzymes, hormones), tissue damage and aging blood vessels lose their elasticity and become brittle, develop clouding of the lens (cataracts), kidney disease, strokes, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, the fact that the diet Maggie occurs a temporary weight loss (and not as great as advertised), it does not justify its use in terms of preserving youth and longevity.

A significant disadvantage of diet Maggie is a negligible presence of vegetables, especially green leafy. Vegetables are rich in fiber, and slimming, as fill the stomach and give a feeling of satiety, and colored pigments slow the aging process.

Thus, diet Maggi can be improved if fruit to replace vegetables, but instead of “any” of meat to use fish and lean poultry.

Generally, a healthy diet is red meat in the menu no more than once a week, once or twice — the fish (after the age of 40 and especially after 50 years, the number of these products is to reduce, and after 65 it is possible to return to these “doses” to forestall senile loss of mass). Plus — the presence of a small amount of dairy products, vegetables (colored) and berries, and not fruit. Also should be to limit the consumption of honey (1-2 tbsp daily) and the exclusion of “fast” carbohydrates (bakery goods made with white flour and confectionery products).

Please note: a healthy diet for the normalization of metabolism is not enough: we need fiznagruzki for 50 min — 1.5 hours a day (aerobic walking, dancing, and weight), sleep 7-8 hours and the ability to cope with stress”.

For smaller harm. Replace in the diet fruits vegetables