How to compensate for the lack of mineral tranquility and creativity — magnesium

A lot of attention is paid to the vitamins in the description of the diets, various articles about nutrition and planning a diet is not forget to mention how important it is to consume the vitamins in the right amount to be healthy. But in fact an equally important role in human health play minerals, unfairly deprived of attention.

One of the “mineral pillars” for our health — magnesium. It is not possible without a normal work of the Central nervous and cardiovascular systems. Not they do play a key role in our health? Because the blood transportorul all usefulness in a variety of organs of our body, and the Central nervous system controls a number of processes in the body.
Understand, from which products can obtain the necessary amount of magnesium and what are the main signs of low mineral in the body.

Our experts: Tatiana Maikova, neurologist, head of Medsite “Headache”, member of the European Federation of headache, and Julia Sharupich, cardiologist KNP “CDC Shevchenko district”.


To magnesium are better absorbed with food in the body should consume enough vitamin B6. Because regularly in the diet include sources: meat, fish, milk, egg yolk.
But alcohol and coffee impair the absorption of magnesium: if you can not refuse, then at least do not abuse these drinks.

Up to 30% of magnesium in foods when they are soaking and cooking goes into the water. Therefore, to reduce the loss of the mineral, try to clean the vegetables as thin as possible — most of the magnesium is found just beneath the skin.

Immerse fruits and vegetables in already boiling water, vegetable and cereal decoctions do not pour, but use it to make gravies, soups or sauces.
Cook vegetables, do not leave the pot until the time when they are needed, and immediately remove the vegetables from the water.


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The sprouted grain is in the top five powerful sources of magnesium. It contains a high dose of b vitamins — which, as already mentioned, improve the absorption of magnesium.

Eat sprouted grains every day for 3 tbsp of wheat Though not necessarily: as magnesium bombs suitable grain lentils, buckwheat, beet seeds or any other vegetable that we can find in the store. The only condition is that the grain must be free of thermal and mechanical processing.

The preparation of a “vitamin bomb”: on a flat plate put a thin layer of grain, pour water at room temperature — it should cover the grains. Now cover with a cheesecloth into four layers (this will slow down the evaporation of water) and put it on the windowsill in the room, located on the Sunny side, but not under direct sunlight — the beans should not be dry and hot. During photosynthesis during the germination of grain from its endosperm is synthesized in the full range of nutrients — that is, it becomes a concentrate of nutrients. Within 24-36 hours of grain can be used, for example, to add food during the day, for example, in salads. And you can eat for Breakfast in one sitting (the above number of spoons), adding honey, nuts and/or dried fruit.