Ian Carnogursky: who rules America?

Donald trump April 4, was ordered to carry out the bombing of the Syrian base, and the us army took the order. The pretext was the alleged use of chemical weapons by Syrian government aircraft. From this point on the Internet circulate the news that puts this argument into question. American-British organization “White helmets”, the current including on the money of American government, published a report about the attack Syrian aircraft with the use of chemical weapons by April 3, though the strike itself was to be held only on April 4. In the Internet appeared the photographs of the victims of the attack, which concern the staff of the “White helmets”, without using gloves, even if the information about the use of chemical weapons were true, it would have to hurt themselves employees of the organization. And one more thing. You need to look into the past.


In 1998 then-President bill Clinton to someone might seem too independent. Immediately there was an Intern Monica Lewinsky and her sexual history with the President. Bill Clinton was threatened with impeachment, and the loss of the presidency. In the end, all ended well, but Clinton was obedient. The following year saw the bombing of Yugoslavia and the de facto disconnected Kosovo.

President Obama set aside, but only so far. Donald trump in the election campaign last year, spoke of the absurdity. He wanted to unite with Vladimir Putin in the fight against terrorism, did not want to interfere in the internal Affairs of other States, did not seek by force to effect a regime change in Syria, talked about the secret forces secretly manipulate the world.


The result was not long in coming. “His” Republican congressmen did not accept his laws, began to hear voices, to Donald trump resigned as President. Trump began to give way step by step. He was removed from the posts of his people, other people, for example, the Secretary of state Tillerson, began to speak in anti-Russian key.


From Tillerson since the days prior to his appointment to the current post, there is a Russian state medal of friendship. Trump this time instructed to bomb Syria, based on very unreliable data. He does the opposite of what he promised during the election campaign and what was the reason for his victory. And now back to Barack Obama.


In the April issue of the American magazine “The Atlantic” for 2016 Jeffrey Goldberg published in fact the outcome of the foreign policy of the outgoing President called “Obama Doctrine” (The Obama Doctrine). It was written on the basis of the interviews with the President. Great attention he gave to the decision of Barack Obama in 2013.

Then on the basis of incorrect data about the Syrian army using chemical weapons against its own citizens on the President resisted the pressure, calling for attacks on Syria. Pushed those people and circles, which Barack Obama himself called “Washington’s playbook”. They were not elected to the highest state representatives. These were people from the media, the financial community and those who fight for human rights, that is, those who possess great power in the United States.


Obama was able to resist them, including, with the help of Russia, which suggested that Syria gave to Russia and other States, all its chemical weapons and equipment for its production. Syria is fulfilled, and the adoption of the political decision to start bombing was not possible. Obama in the article calls the day when he could resist this circle of persons the day of their release.


Donald trump could not resist them, in other words the foreign policy establishment, those who really controls us foreign policy. It is the force that lies in the shadow of American foreign policy. If anyone we wrote that American foreign policy is controlled by an unnamed force, journalists whistleblowers immediately have started to talk about conspiracy theories. Such journalists should be advised to read the April issue of “The Atlantic, 2016” to work on their own liberation.