Horoscope for September 10-16: Cancers cannot be secretive of strangers, but the Scales should not be intriguing at work

ARIES. Unique healer and an inexhaustible source of vital energy is hard rigorous work. In any field, as in everyday life, and in the service. Never be late, be disciplined, to accustom yourself to perseverance, concentration, strength, attention, result health will improve and money will increase. Reputation among employers will increase. Your task is to become a reliable employee in the team and subordinates.

Saboteurs and slackers, on the contrary, “primogenital” sore, put an end to their careers.

On the personal front everything is fine, but the amorous adventures on the side with the first comer it is better not to look. That is the temptation. Fall in love in new partners, giving them the reins. Your Union blessed, rests on mutual high feelings, friendship, shared interests. But if the model chosen does not suit, then look for the cause in itself. Your perception is distorted.

TAURUS. How to implement interesting creative project and to receive productive result, especially when improvement of the home nest? Question for your practical resourceful nature decisive, and households here will help. Consolidate with family.

Married couples electrified relations it’s time to harmonize, you have a common goal (to create a cozy family hearth), which you will unite, strengthen the Union, and mutual love could inspire. Importantly, the material preferences of steel between you and the Apple of discord! Cut the pious — self-harm. You are now dependent on foreign interests, resources, host economically, debts do not accumulate. Discipline of desires — the key to a proper existence.

GEMINI. From your watchful master’s eye nothing hides! Engage home improvement, protect the family, willing to “conjure” – Martin near the kitchen, surprising loved ones with culinary masterpieces. All must be fed, groomed and happy.

It should feel momentous moment when to take the initiative, and when to adjust to the requests of others — decide for yourself. If you are motivated by love, wisdom, and selflessness — all out.

Couples to family boat crashed on the rocks of life, should diversify the range of common interests. If you are bored together, it’s the right message, in a hurry to raise the degree of feeling, there are so many interesting possibilities. Everything is close, look for stimulants is not necessary.

CANCERS. Expanding the circle of acquaintances, be guided by practical interests, keep up to date with all the news, using coincidence in his favor. Keeping secrets in a sincere impulse with strangers is forbidden, unlock the hidden only to those who sincerely trust household. Under the family shelter you, protect angels.

The work of cherish, it is a lucrative location and scope of temptations. But additional loads (left part), do — undermine health. The sheepskin is where the work is given with great effort. And remember: personal desire is now a crucial compass. Reasonably satisfy them, you lay a good Foundation for the future. The main thing — the selfish eagerness not to hurt others. Infringement on someone else is prohibited.

LIONS. The public loves you (many close to the star disease) because I did not enjoy popularity, and inspired work, showing in all its glory high level of professionalism, practical skills. The material is laid a springboard for next year. A rational approach in the implementation of business projects, the execution of the service orders, the improvement of household welfare is required. Weigh all the pros and cons when you receive business proposals. You are a great handyman and waste of the wind energy and material resources for the prosperity of joint business is unacceptable.

In the sphere of love don’t be cold iceberg, and drive intelligently, responding with sincere affection companion. After all, he is a prisoner of your charm. Be not drunk with independence, without it you’re a needle without a thread.

VIRGO. If you refrain from innovation in the professional field cannot hold profitable business, while “forging” money, embodying the progressive ideas and technologies. Hold a managerial position or in a subordinate status — search for common ground in a nice intimate conversations. It is here that your presentable, sexual magnetism, high intelligence would be a beneficial adjustment lever service and financial relations.

At the same time do charity, do good, at all levels, the more you give to the needy, more get. The role of the patron is crucial, where selfishness, greed, is absolutely contraindicated. And do not announce it with trumpets around!

Household care and do not ridicule. Here you will find a scythe on the stone.

LIBRA. The secret front line runs through the back office. Here to win, not to be to intrigue, manipulate the thoughts of colleagues.

Yes, now you are very respected in society, have a huge hidden effect, I know a lot of secret information, but any misuse can lead to negative results. Your actions should be motivated by selflessness and love. Eliminate greed, and often with awe dive into the inner world. In moments of relaxation (prayer), “blackout” guided by an invisible hand in Heaven. Got stuck — wait for the revelation.

No need to fight don’t go, avoid open confrontation, but when the circumstances are ripe, can dumbfound the audience with extraordinary wisdom and willingness to be active.

SCORPIONS. Forget about the rest. It is the spice of extreme sports will be a great incentive to achieve a harmonious and friendly relationships. Secret sources of information at your disposal, learn a lot, about what not suspecting. And this is the Golden trump card that can work in any time, especially in the career races where deployed on a broad perspective. Play boss, it’s time to enchant with.

If friends are tense, chances are you fixated on its own interests and is secretly trying to use a friendly resource with an ax to grind. Than run the risk of losing reliable allies and to harm the future.

ARCHERS. The struggle for official status in full swing, the lion’s share of energy and creative resources will have to throw it in an area where you need to realize its purpose. Not complex, let the heat of competitors, professional dedication will pay off handsomely! The authorities began to respect, human value will increase.

Only enlist the support of friends-patrons, they are the channel of Higher assistance. But provided that you are a worthy spiritual companion companions who share your beliefs.

That’s friendship at the temple of your happiness is the Holy altar.

CAPRICORNS. If your actions are aimed at self-promotion for the purpose of boasting the virtues, talents, to share experiences, to act as a fair fighter for the truth — it’s wonderful!

The service should demonstrate professional competence, to work on the system of spiritual values: that you are more creatively inspires, instills harmony, confidence, allowing you to stand on your feet? On and focus, and high among the patrons of this world will always substitute a shoulder. Here is what you favorite.

For those who were in prison circumstances hurts (it’s good for the soul) — pray and repent of committed sins. The lack of donations is the main reason. Now the rewarder of altruists and egoists is taken away.

AQUARIANS. Love builds the walls and dome in the Palace of your happiness, but the financial component is the Foundation. Avoid manipulations, claims, nobody in charge. Holy stick of the spiritual laws, then the material world will spill the bounty. There are rich sponsors, the singles will meet your lover to create a harmonious marital Union.

Respect other people’s views, thoughts, they are the grains of truth that will help you generate the right own worldview. Official climbing is still limited, up heads don’t go, because you will lose what you have, and enjoy the creative collaboration with worthy partners. You have a wonderful business team.

In debt do not take the financial difficulty is temporary, bear with me.

FISH. The theme of partnership is key. To be an exemplary companion, play mate, take less, live on a planned schedule, showing the care and talent on a budget host. In the event of a misunderstanding with family (they love you) to wash dirty linen in public, contraindicated, satisfy their needs, interests, help, then love and acceptance is guaranteed.

Career advancement (business) comes with heavy wheelspin, strong competitors. Don’t despair, tackle any job that comes along, good luck caressed craftsmen-“mnogostanochnikov”, generalists.