The refusal of Yanukovych from the court: in the Parliament announced his new goal

Refusing to participate in the judicial process in Ukraine, former President Viktor Yanukovych intends to sue in the European court of human rights. This was told to the “observer” the people’s Deputy from “popular front” Sergei Vysotsky.

In his opinion, the former guarantor of his refusal, decided to exercise judicial maneuver and to reach the European court.

“First, it is delaying the process. I think it won’t work. He is promptly given public defenders. But Yanukovych is well aware that he’s in court will lose. Therefore, the refusal of lawyers aimed at the ECHR. This is all done under the European court”, – said the MP.

According to him, the line of Yanukovych to the ECHR about clear.

“He will claim that this is a politically motivated case, and that he did not provide a right to protection,” concluded Wysocki.

As stated yesterday, the former guarantor, he does not wish to participate in the initiated in Ukraine trial on charges of treason and withdraws from court with his lawyers.

Today during a court session in his case, the prosecution raised the issue on granting the former President a free lawyer.