The negotiations “Norman Quartet” and the Volcker with Surkov on Monday as agreed

During the negotiations the US special envoy Kurt Volker, a Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov in Minsk, as well as the telephone conversation leaders “channel four” agreed the new “school” truce in the Donbas.

The last couple of days was held under the auspices of negotiations for a new truce in the Donbass, and negotiators at different levels were able to agree: the parties agreed that children in the East of Ukraine needs to start the school year under the sounds of the first call, not bullets and explosions.

Walker & Surkov

So, first it took Kurt Volker and Vladislav Surkov, who on August 21 in Minsk held talks. As wrote Russian media, the Meeting was low-key, work were more exploratory in nature. Parties with respect, listened carefully to each other.

Surkov said that were satisfied with the meeting and agreed with Volker that the situation in the East of Ukraine can not organize the parties to the conflict, as well as civilians.

Vladislav Surkov. Photo:

Commitment to the Minsk agreements under questioned: both parties propose new ideas and innovative approaches for their implementation… Agreed to continue joint work. Identified topics for the next meeting. Agreed that the peace process on the political track and in the field of security can and should go faster… Good meeting.


  • American media warned Walker about Surkov: he is not a diplomat

In turn, the American diplomat after the meeting expressed hope that the parties would still be able to reach “school” of the truce.

Kurt Volker. Photo:посольство of the USA in Ukraine

It seems that this is a very good idea, and we do fully support it, and I hope that the parties will be able to do it. The status quo (in the Donbass. – Ed.) – it’s not good for neither Russians nor Ukrainians, It is now simply a humanitarian tragedy. And we really need to try to change it, and I think we agreed to do everything they can in order to try to change that.

In addition, he added that the Minsk agreement is very important and want to implement them, but now they are deadlocked. Walker made clear that he supports the Minsk agreements and the Normandy format.


The Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine Yury Grymchak following talks: “I think the decision on Donbass, by and large, already been made – they (the Russian troops. – Ed.) go from there. The only thing being discussed today, as they go, on what conditions and so forth.”


  • Tuck denies agreement on the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Donbass

Russian opposition Konstantin Borovoy estimated the probability of withdrawal of Russian troops: “It would be great, it would be very nice if this conflict was resolved, but I doubt it (that Russia withdraw Russian troops from the Donbass. – Ed.). I think Russian interests are diametrically opposed. I’ll believe it when I see that troops have been withdrawn. I really hope that’s true. But I doubt it.”

Former Minister of foreign Affairs Volodymyr Ohryzko believes that Walker in the negotiations with Surkov probing the soil, occurred an introductory meeting, which was planned to take decisions on Donbass. “It is, figuratively speaking, “prinucovania” and how to configure on any particular wave, the means of communication. Although they write that the meeting lasted three hours, I think that they just walked through the agenda and trying to understand — mostly the American side — how far can Russia retreat. I don’t think the Walker at the first meeting voiced some proposals”.

Telephone conversation, “Norman Quartet”


Before the start of communication with the leaders of Germany, France and Russia the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during his visit to Luhansk region claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin should publicly order its troops and support for the militants to cease fire in the Donbas.

We will do everything possible to in the Donbass stopped shooting. The delay only due to the fact that the Russian President refuses from public support of the truce and, therefore, on the direct orders of the Russian military and the militants that are present in the occupied territory, to stop shooting.


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As for the telephone conversation, the heads of state and governments of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia “expressed strong support is scheduled for August 23 the decision of the Tripartite contact group to declare a ceasefire on the occasion of the beginning of the school year.”

“The leaders expressed hope that the ceasefire will lead to a sustainable improvement of safety in the interests of the students and the entire civilian population of Donbass. On the basis of a sustainable ceasefire, the leaders reaffirmed a personal devotion to the further implementation of the Minsk agreements”, – said in a statement.

In turn, the Russian special representative in the Trilateral contact group negotiations in Minsk, Boris Gryzlov , said that Moscow supports a truce in the East of Ukraine.


At today’s meeting of the contact group “school truce” approval is needed for the safety of children and the entire civilian population of Donbass. We call on the parties to the conflict to make all efforts for this and hope that the ceasefire will be observed more efficiently.