Estonians will teach the Ukrainians how to track fish

In November 2017, experts from Estonia will visit Ukraine for training of representatives of Gosrybagentstvo on the practical use of electronic system of reporting of catch by fishing vessels: how to apply for a distribution of limits register of business entities, how to give permission to catch and to report the catch. This was reported in the Gosrybagentstvo, reports

At the completion of system access will also be provided by the territorial administration of the Gosrybagentstvo, which, in accordance with the competence, will provide data entry from paper.


  • Ukraine is a major buyer of herring from Norway

A complete system will contain data on available industrial capabilities and their distribution, permits, statements about the use of the industrial opportunities, information on business entities engaged in fishery activities and fishing vessels.


  • Russian fishermen have caught a rare giant fish-the moon and fed it to a bear

In the future we plan to provide access to the electronic system of industrial entrepreneurs for self-application to apportion the catch of aquatic biological resources, obtain permits for harvesting and reporting on water resources.