Psychology of fraud: why lie in a relationship can’t be forgiven

“Cheated once, deceive and second,” you must have heard this phrase, if not in relation to itself, in principle. And if she was just saying, now it has a scientific justification. So, a new study has shown that people who deceive partner in their first relationship, are much more inclined to cheat each additional partner compared with those who have always been faithful, writes

In fact, sexual relations with anyone other than regular partner, first serious relationship can make a person three times more likely to cheat in every next relationship. Scientists believe that people are liars, not because they are bad, but because deception is gradually diminish the sensitivity of the brain to negative emotions associated with lying.

“The results of our study add a serious layer of data in the study of the psychology of deception, explaining, in essence, that emotional response to a lie is able to erode. We are talking about a kind of adaptation to lies, which leads us to deceive increasingly,” explains the study’s lead author Neil Garrett.


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The expert adds that while the first lie in the relationship the man always feels bad, but every following lie – big or small – is teaching him easier to relate to what is happening. Subsequently, logically, the cheat will no longer cause a “serial cheater” no hard feelings.

But here is another bad news received during the same study: people who cheated in the past, two times more prone to the same behavior in a new relationship. In addition, those who are simply suspected that the ex-partners cheated on them four times more likely to have reported cheating in the next relationship, regardless of whether it was a hoax or not.

And although some people can lie really easy, in fairness, we note that the brain most of us equipped with a mechanism against the lies that we call conscience. When we lie, we feel remorse that prevents us from again want to lie. But even in this case, with constant repetition, the response region of the brain responsible for emotions, is weakened so that over time, the lie ceases to seem so unpleasant event.

That’s why if a loved one has deceived you, you can hardly count on his absolute sincerity in the future. And that’s why it is better to avoid any cheating, as this is eaten the piece of cake that was not meant for you, or a new love.