Doctors discovered the amazing recovery mechanism of the liver

An international group of scientists announced the successful experiences in the development of new methods of regeneration of the liver. The researchers propose to treat the damaged organ by a method of implantation for the patient with his own cholangiocytes, according to “Skoltech”.

The study was conducted by experts from the Center for regenerative medicine in Edinburgh, mit and the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology. Their discovery will help fight diseases of the liver, such as cirrhosis.


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It turned out that liver tissue can recover, thanks to the cells of the bile channels of the body – cholangiocytes. They come out of the bile channels and become liver cells. Due to this regeneration potential is at the expense of cholangiocytes may be higher than the recovery mechanism with the help of hepatocytes.

The liver is one of the few organs capable of regeneration. In case of damage or chronic illness main cells (hepatocytes) are able to regenerate. Stimulation of this process is a thorny problem for doctors and researchers, but the details of this mechanism still was unclear.