Scientists have found another way to overcome cancer

Experts from the United States of America found that vitamin C serves as an assistant in the fight against cancer. After a lot of experimentation, doctors have been able to prove that vitamin C is able to restore the activity of the gene TET2, reports “Orthodox”.

Media have informed that as a result of cancer, the percentage of the activity of the genome is reduced by 50% if to compare with the average performance.

To prove their assumptions, the doctors decided to do an experiment on rodents. In the experiment, scientists for 24 days gave the mice a higher dose of vitamin C. the results showed that the mice who did not receive a vitamin a dose was identified 3 times more leukocytes than in those of rodents that daily took vitamin C.

Doctors believe that dosage should not be repeated to people. For the treatment of disease the person needs to inject intravenously 300 thousand mg of vitamin C.