What to keep: the rules of life by Indian sages

When you’re happy, you want to know the whole world. But happiness, as we know, thrives only in silence, away from jealous eyes. No wonder there is a saying: “What praise, without having you to continue.” In addition to happiness in life, there are other things better to remain silent, writes newsyou.info.


  • How do you know that loved one you are looking

So, what better to keep secret from others:

  • Your plans

No, it’s certainly not the intention to buy a juicer or go to the movies tomorrow (though sometimes such details are better left out of the equation), but about a more global things. About the plans, especially far-reaching, it is not necessary to blow until they took a little bit of realistic features, and even better – not yet implemented. The reasons for such a few precautions: first, it often happens that the plans – just ideas that are easily killed under the pressure of foreign criticism and skepticism, and secondly, receiving a portion of the approval, the person is likely to have to implement them with less zeal.

  • Good deeds

In Christianity, all the good that you do, to do secretly. And then, in the words of the Apostle, “thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.” This is absolutely true and to the holders of any other religion. The man who on every corner boasts of his patronage and assistance, is not admiration, but disdain. Already and do good deeds be his only food for the smug ego and the reason for the posturing. Indian sages say that there is nothing that kills charity as the pride.

  • Austerity

Silent should be and how strict the way of life you lead. Abstinence in sleep, eating, sexual life – a good thing, but only in the case that is in Alliance with the emotional component.

  • Courage and heroism

Internal trials we are experiencing, have not smaller value, than external testing. However, the first people visible to the naked eye, and the second remains a mystery. Why should they be silent? Here it is necessary to mention. On the one hand, you’ve got a reward in the form of wisdom and experience, and on the other – this will protect you from excessive pride and bragging rights. Booming, as they say, that is empty inside.

  • Spiritual knowledge

What you can hold, not to everyone under force. We should not delude ourselves. Your internal change without having impact in your life, so, whatever they were, keep everything inside.

  • Problems in the family

If you are a wife, be silent about the faults of her husband before friends and relatives. If you are a husband, don’t say anything bad about my wife. Conflicts so you decide, but the people will not have a high opinion of your loved ones. The strong family, where dirty linen in public can not stand.

  • About other people’s wrongdoings and the negative

May stain your shoes, but you can stain the soul. The soul becomes dirty from gossip, from a discussion of someone’s hard-hitting actions. If you witness something like that, let the negativity pass you by.

In the words of the classic, silent is good, safe and beautiful.